Kelly Catlin

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New Jersey
Monmouth University
Home Decor, Real Estate, Organic Home And Garden
  • Kelly enjoys keeping an organic home for her family and selects articles that reflect this. She also loves to craft with her family and wants to share different budget-friendly DIY projects with readers.
  • She is an experienced copywriter, editor, and blogger specializing in organic cooking and cleaning, DIY crafts, music, marketing, and SEO.
  • Kelly excels at writing real estate articles and has worked extensively on tracking market trends in the Canadian real estate market.


Kelly is a mom who loves to cook, bake, and craft. She is a former teacher turned professional writer and began with a personal organic parenting blog. This transitioned into writing SEO blogs for many companies and eventually into music journalism, infusing her musical background with her love of writing. As an educator, she created and managed a Gifted and Talented program and competed in national STEM competitions. She also worked with special needs children and taught English as a second language before leaving the industry to pursue writing. Kelly currently writes for an online music magazine, has a book coming out, and has experience freelancing for some of North America's most prominent SEO firms. Her debut novel, "Kurt: Forever in Bloom," comes out on 2.20.2025 with Genius Book Publishing and features exclusive interviews with seminal musicians; a portion of profits benefit a myriad of charities, including AFSP and several organizations that assist children in need.


Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in special education and is a former teacher. She holds dual standard certificates as a teacher of the handicapped and an elementary school teacher. She has math and English language arts endorsements, the latter helping her cultivate her writing career.
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