Why Spiders Are Drawn To Your Bedroom & Preventive Steps You Can Take

Are spiders attracted to your bedroom? If you've suddenly noticed this pest hanging around the boudoir, then you're probably wondering why the sudden interest in your personal space. The answer is simple: spiders love dark places, and your bedroom is essentially a playground for these critters. The same is true if you're a fan of eating in bed. Spiders look for spots beneath your mattress and its frame, under nightstands, and in the cavernous depths of your closet. If you do find any harmless 8-legged arachnids, you may not want to kill these spiders in your home. They eat other invasive pests, which makes them beneficial (so long as they're not venomous). 

Luckily, you can take preventative steps to keep these critters from infesting your room. For starters, spiders in your bedroom usually signal the presence of other pests. A spider's diet mainly consists of insects, and you might have an unknown infestation drawing them out. Some popular bugs they feast on include ants, flies, and cockroaches. If your home harbors these nuisances, you might find that they're attracting the local spider population to your bedroom. 

Begin by checking your windows for gaps and cracks. If you see anything, seal it immediately. If you're unsure about a spider's entry points, you can contact a professional pest control company to look for openings in your home's foundation. Otherwise, there are some easy tips and tricks to keep arachnids out, beginning with your bedding.

Pick bedding up from the floor

The first step in preventing spiders from invading your bedroom is to always keep your bedding off the floor. This reduces the incidence of spiders hitching a ride on your comforter. The same goes for curtains and blinds. Ensure your bed is far enough away from these fabrics to prevent spiders from climbing into your bed. Essentially, you want your bed to become a spider-free island. The next steps with arachnid prevention include keeping a tidy room. If you have clutter under your bed, it's best to remove it and tidy it up. It's also advisable to dust weekly, as spiders gravitate towards dusty areas. Use your vacuum's attachment to remove dust and debris from all cracks and crevices in your bedroom. You can also up the ante and remove spiders using common household staples such as vinegar and dish soap. 

Additionally, make your space inhospitable to pests by removing all sources of food. Although it's tempting to binge Netflix in bed with a bag of chips, this only attracts spiders to your bedroom. Even a tiny little crumb invites arachnids to traverse the buffet that is your bedroom. And since spiders taste and smell with their legs, you may not want them exploring your bed when you're fast asleep. To keep these pests out, eat in designated dining areas and keep food out of the bedroom. 

Apply Vaseline to bed legs

If you find that spiders are still attracted to your bedroom — primarily your bed — there's another preventative step you can take. Grab a container of Vaseline and apply a layer around the legs of your bed. If you have a wooden bed frame, don't worry about petroleum jelly damaging it. It lightly penetrates the surface, but won't cause it any harm. Spiders have a hard time navigating this sticky substance, which means your sleeping quarters will be off-limits. You might worry about them making their way into your dresser drawers, however, which means you can also use this incredible hack to prevent them from climbing elsewhere in your bedroom. 

Be mindful of applying Vaseline if you have any pets or small children. Although petroleum jelly is considered nontoxic, it consists of materials from leftover oil and gas manufacturing, which means you don't want to ingest it. In this case, you can always opt for double-sided sticky tape in place of Vaseline. In closets, you can always keep lesser-worn items in clothing storage bags. You can purchase them on Amazon in an assortment of sizes, keeping spiders out of your seasonal wardrobe. Always declutter closets to deter these pests from infiltrating, and be sure to vacuum and dust often. When you remove clothes from a drawer or your closet, you can always give them a quick shake, ensuring no spiders are hanging out in your garments.