TikTok Shows Us An Adorable Way To DIY The Perfect Nursery Wall Decor

Decorating your nursery walls can be exciting, especially when selecting wall decor. Nevertheless, rather than splashing the cash on store-bought artwork, you could create your own, more personal version, thanks to one hack shared by @sarahflipsit on TikTok. With this trick, you can create a memorable photo frame for a fraction of the price using your child's creative artwork. This also helps add a more personable touch to your child's room so they can call it their own. What else could you possibly ask for?

With yourself in the creative driver's seat, you can decide just how big you want the artwork to be if you wish to frame a large canvas or craft something small and sweet. Your child should also have plenty of fun simultaneously, so there's something in it for everyone with this TikTok hack. To recreate this gorgeous decor, grab a frame, such as the Mainstays Basic Picture Frame from Walmart, in the color and size of your choice, some paints and creative tools, and a piece of poster paper to fit in the frame. However, you could also opt for a frame in a different shape and color, such as these Ornate Carved Fancy Picture Frames on Etsy, starting at $101. While this is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, it's a great option if you can afford it.

Customize with your choice of frame

You could always try out different shapes, such as a heart-shaped frame or something circular, for your frame. There is even the option to upcycle old photo frames you already have, which would make this hack considerably cheaper (maybe even free), and paint it in the color you choose, such as pink or blue, or even colored spray paint to customize further. Now, all you need to do is measure out some poster paper to fit inside your frame and prepare the painting and drawing tools your child will use. Of course, you may want to lay a sheet down for any mess during the process, particularly if you have a bit of a wild child on your hands.

Once everything is ready, you can let your child unleash their creative freedom on the paper. When their art is dry, slot it inside your frame, ensuring it's sitting correctly, before securing it to your nursery wall or anywhere else you see fit in your home, such as an office or kitchen. Although this hack involves two paintings, you don't have to stick to just this number. Instead, you could make several or slot multiple paintings or personal photos inside a collage frame, such as the VÄXBO, which is available for $14.99 at IKEA. Either way, you should be left with an endearing result that the whole family can admire when entering your nursery.