How To Decorate A Nursery For Spring

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A plush and comfortable nursery designed with functionality and safety will make your baby's first home perfect. A nursery must soothe your baby in an aesthetically pleasing environment. However, it is a top priority that the room has safe items for your baby. We've compiled a list of essentials for your baby with pieces like a safe crib and changing table. We've found that giraffes are a terrific animal to use as a theme for a delightful and serene gender neutral nursery.

Everything from the lighting to the mobile toys above the crib can help comfort your baby. Babies spend an incredible amount of time sleeping in their cribs! According to Sleep Foundation, most babies sleep in a crib until they're 18 months old. Generally speaking, most toddlers move to a bed between 18 months and 3 years old. Read along to learn how to decorate a cute nursery for spring with lovely colors and ideal lighting for a great night's sleep.

Go for an attractive and functional crib

Babies can sleep up to 17 hours a day, so a crib needs to offer optimum comfort and safety. This elegant crib from Bambi Baby will last from infancy to toddler age. It's a versatile crib that first turns into a bed for a toddler, a daybed, and a full-size bed. It's a win-win for choosing a suitable crib that will later transform into a bed. Plus, it's a great way to save money on future furniture needs.

Your baby must have a safe crib since they spend so much time inside. According to Simply Nursery, improperly constructed furniture can present many problems. Firstly, the baby uses the crib frequently, so it must be made well. Cribs that are not built to par can fall apart and even hurt your child. Additionally, items situated near or around the crib can be suspect. A baby can always grab these items and create another opportunity for a potential problem. As a parent, your eyes must always be on the baby!

Find the correct changing table

Be sure there's a functional changing table that is both adaptable and safe. It's essential for a baby. Some people think they can get away with using the sofa or bed to change the baby, but this is not hygienic and unsafe. According to Simply Nursery, a changing table is safer because it has edges and keeps a wiggly baby from falling off the side. This Jenny Lind changing table from Wayfair is an ideal changing tray as it allows for a parent to securely change the baby and store items under the actual tray.

Any time we can get extra storage out of furniture is a win-win. Naturally, we also need a changing pad cover. This gray one from Wayfair is darling. It comes with an elephant design and will keep your little one comfortable. Plus, it's absolutely adorable and will be a stylish focal point in the nursery.

Incorporate beautiful bedding

The options for baby bedding are excitingly precious and endless. There are so many lovely bedding items available that it makes choosing the best sets challenging. Let's discuss the finest bedding out there. First, let's review why bedding is so essential for the baby. According to Mom365, bedding in the crib is a top priority for a baby's temperature since they cannot regulate it themselves. You need to ensure they're not too hot or cold during their evening snooze.

This bedding from Lambs & Ivy is simply the most adorable thing. The baby crib bedding is a four-piece set with a cotton fitted crib sheet, a quilt, a shirred crib dust ruffle and skirt, and even a set of wall decals. The bedding items are of the highest quality, including the white cotton sateen used on the statement quilt with a baby and mommy giraffe decorating the surface.

Select stuffed animals for the nursery

Stuffed animals are some of the best decor for a tasteful nursery. They are fun for your baby to look at, and they are a delightful way to keep the room cheery. Plus, the photo opportunities with these animals abound! Since we've used the darling giraffe theme for the crib bedding, we will be sure to scatter some giraffe stuffed animals around the nursery. Flood your baby's room with plush toys to create a comfortable and darling atmosphere.

This giant plush giraffe from HSN will be a hit in the nursery. It is the kind of stuffed animal that can grow up with the baby. Indeed, this plush can also function as decor in a toddler's room. Let's couple it with a baby plush giraffe too! The Big G from Little Giraffe is an oversized plush giraffe. While it's much smaller than its buddy, it still works as a timeless stuffed animal that will enhance your nursery's theme. Even though it's called Big G, this oversized giraffe is small enough to snuggle up to at night. It's a dream toy for cuddling.

Decorate the walls with stencils

Wall stencils are a clever way to keep things cheerful in your nursery without much work. We found these delightful giraffe stencils from Simple Shades that will look tasteful if stenciled onto the wall behind the crib. These stenciled giraffes lift their heads toward the green leafy plants they want to nibble on. Darling! The giraffe stencil theme pairs perfectly with the giraffe bedding and stuffed animals to create a little giraffe sanctuary in your baby's nursery. This theme is a perfect way to introduce your baby to the world of nature and animals.

Stencils are also a creative way to spell out your baby's name across the wall in the nursery. You can find a wood stencil with your baby's name from 48 Hour Monogram. We suggest you put it on the wall opposite the giraffe stencils. Made with a modern Charlotte font, this wooden script and calligraphy font features cursive lower case letters with creative capital letters. However, they suggest only capitalizing the first letter of the name.

Delight with a dresser and mirror

A distinguished dresser is needed to complete a nursery. There are so many integral pieces of clothing that clothe a baby at the beginning of their precious life, and we need a place to store them all. This double dresser from Walmart has six drawers and comes in an attractive number of colors, including pebble gray, brown, mocha, and white. This Graco Benton six-drawer double dresser will also grow with the baby. It features a traditional and modern farmhouse style and can function as a dresser in an older child's room.

Of course, we need a mirror to reflect all the decorative details. That's where this lovely mirror from Pottery Barn comes in. This Monique Lhuillier round butterfly mirror is a luxurious nursery staple. It features delicate butterflies decorating the edge of the frame, yet it's not too large to distract from the rest of the decor. It enhances the room's appeal and will look lovely on your nursery walls. For the perfect look, position the mirror in the room to reflect the giraffe stencils.

Choose the right lighting for baby

As we know, a baby spends a lot of time sleeping. It's essential a room with the correct kind of lighting is created. Light is a top priority for decor reasons, but it also helps the baby regulate their sleep cycles. According to Endesa, a baby's room should have good ventilation and natural light. Naturally, shutters, blinds, and curtains help regulate how much light shines in the room so that it doesn't upset or harm the child. However, we should light the room with something functional and safe. LED lightbulbs are an ideal choice for your baby's nursery.

We found this giraffe ceiling light from Litfad that will do the trick. It features five bulbs on an iron frame and wooden cartoon giraffes. This light fixture will last through a baby's toddler years and comes in hues of green, blue or pink and is delightful.

Add a cozy throw rug

A decorative throw rug is ideal for keeping your nursery comfortable and adding charm. It brings an element of fun to an already beautiful nursery. Plus, if you have wooden floors, it adds coziness to the room. This darling white rug from Wayfair features a tall, colorful giraffe next to an elephant and a few friendly monkeys. The large area rug is ideal for a child's room as it is non-shedding and stain-resistant. That means dirt from your children or family pet shouldn't show on this rug. It weighs 15 pounds.

Another option for a cozy throw is this blue rug from Wayfair with, yes, a giraffe with happy lions and other smiling animals surrounding it. This rug is machine-made with synthetic fibers that help it maintain a stain-resistant and non-shedding function. This one weighs 24 pounds. It's an ideal option for high-traffic areas like the nursery. It perfectly complements your blue nursery ideas.

Keep the temperature right

Babies need the right temperature to sleep soundly. If they're too warm or too cold, there's a good chance the baby won't sleep or will wake up in the middle of the night. A parent's worst nightmare! According to Healthline, the right temperature for the baby's room should be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Monitoring the thermostat is the best way to maintain an optimal temperature in the baby's room. Also, it's important not to overdress the baby. Naturally, the same temperature is rarely in every room of a home. It's ideal to invest in a device like the Nest to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. The Nest allows you to digitally control the temperature from room to room with an app. All you have to do is put it on a shelf or wall and go about your day. Once it's all set up, you can maintain the temperature in each room throughout the day.

Create a baby's first year book

A beautiful way to chronicle your baby's first years is through books you use to record their first moments. The baby memory book from Colored Organics documents the birth announcement, your baby's first home, and moments from each month of their first year. It's a clever gift for new parents.

For yourself, we recommend displaying this memory book on the baby's dresser or a floating bookshelf. It will help you remember to document your baby's fun and memorable firsts. This Ava Regency floating bookshelf from Pottery Barn Kids is an ideal spot for a few books and some ornamental figurines or smaller stuffed animals, such as this fun find on Etsy. These crocheted safari animal toys are perfect for the floating bookshelf. This soft farm animal book by Colored Organics is ideal for a baby since it's made of cotton and has no sharp corners. It's an item that every baby can safely play with for years to come.

Do it right with a rocking chair

We can all picture a baby gently falling asleep in a wooden rocking chair. Did you know there's a good reason for this practice that's been around for centuries? According to Rocking Motions, babies fall asleep to the rocking motion while the person in the rocking chair experiences decreased knee pain and swelling. Plus, lifting your legs in the ottoman portion of the rocking chair allows for more blood circulation to your legs. A double win!

A rocking chair also offers a way for the parent and the baby to bond in a safe environment that fosters closeness. After all, the calmer and more relaxed you feel, the more serene your baby will feel. This Minna Small Spaces Rocking Chair and Ottoman from Pottery Barn Kids will fit beautifully in the nursery. It's comfortable and stylish at the same time. However, beware that it's made-to-order, and no returns are accepted. This lovely Latifah Glider with Ottoman from Wayfair will also do the trick.

Entertain your baby with a mobile

Your baby will inevitably spend a lot of time in the nursery, so having a mobile that entertains the baby is essential. To stick with the giraffe theme, decorate with the Follow Me Giraffe mobile from Maisonette. This darling mobile features tan and yellow giraffes with polka dots. They are handmade with 100 percent wool. If you're more interested in felt or velour animals, we understand.

Another cute mobile is this option from Lambs & Ivy. It features a velour giraffe in light cream, a velour lion in cream, and two velour elephants in gray. The mobile plays lullabies for 20 minutes to help your baby fall asleep to serene music. The mobile comes with volume control and an on/off button. Perhaps you want to stick with something more traditional such as this Winnie The Pooh mobile by Pottery Barn Kids. This mobile does not play music. It features Winnie The Pooh, hanging clouds, and whimsical bumblebees. Your baby is sure to be entertained no matter which one you choose.

Put your baby's clothes on display

It's always fun to pick out some darling outfits for a new baby. Let's explore some essential clothing such as swaddling clothes and sleepsack swaddles. Since so many of these clothing items are precious, they can also serve as extra decor. Leaving the closet door open allows the baby clothes to be on display. It's super fun to go through them and discuss how cute they are.

This Disney Winnie The Pooh organic muslin swaddle set from Pottery Barn Kids is a staple for a baby. It doesn't get cuter than having Winnie The Pooh around your baby. It comes in a set of three. Then there's this swaddle blanket from CadenLane that you can personalize with your baby's name. It comes in purple and is absolutely a delight. It's perfect for a baby present as well. For sleeping, we recommend this halo sleepsack swaddle from What To Expect. It won the 2021 What to Expect Mom Must-Have Award, and it's for newborns up to three months. You can also decorate the room by hanging a few select baby clothes on the wall. This tip is an easy and fun way to dress up a room!

Design a nursery that grows with your baby

Today, it's all about convertible furniture that will grow with the baby. This tip is a simple and affordable way to decorate a nursery that will eventually be an older kid's room. For example, it's easy to find a changing table that can transform into a functional dresser. However, we must fill the space with at least a few items that will be able to decorate the room after the baby has turned into a toddler. This step can even include the paint color.

Houzz recommends you use neutral paint colors in the nursery. The days of nurseries decorated in only pastels such as soft pinks, yellows, and blues are over. Let's take a look at a calming green for the walls. This shade is a more neutral hue that can easily last through your baby's toddler years. This Glidden Premium Paint in Tint of Green from Home Depot is a perfect color for a nursery.