Give Old Candlesticks A Gorgeous Upgrade With This Easy Chalk Paint DIY

Truly distinctive decor can sometimes be hard to come by, particularly if you are looking to outfit a farmhouse, gothic, or rustic space with lovely antiques and other items that look like they have endured decades of use. Your only options can be hunting for years to find the right antique or thrift piece, or spending a lot of money at a home retailer on something new designed to look classic and old. Many great and easy DIY projects, however, can save you from having to do either, tuning second-hand finds or pieces you already have into classic, aged pieces perfect for your style. TikTok user @_homeismyhappyplace recently showed off the results of a simple DIY using battered and ugly pillar candle holders, some chalkboard paint, and Mod Podge to create an antique-looking matte black candlestick that is a stunning accent piece on par with much more expensive and hard-to-find options. 

Even better, chalkboard paint is available in small, affordable bottles from craft stores like Micheals, where you can also pick up a container of Mod Podge and decoupage brushes to complete this project for under $10 total. Keep in mind, that since the Modpodge is sticky, you will want a separate brush for each substance. The more ornate the piece, the smaller the brush you may need to get all the crevices and details.

creating antique-look candle holders

To create your aged candle holder, thoroughly clean the existing finish. Some candlesticks may require a little treatment with sandpaper, especially if they are made of acrylic or plastic, though wood or metal should take the chalk paint quite readily. Since candelabras can be very ornate, make sure to get in there thoroughly with a rag or small sponge to thoroughly clean the ridges and recessed portions before you begin to apply the paint. After you have applied a couple of coats of the chalk paint to your desired level of coverage, allowing each to dry between, add a coat of Mod Podge, which will seal the chalk paint. ModPodge is often used as a paint sealant that works well without adding the glossy finish of some poly sealers one would normally use on paint, giving more of a wax sealant look without its larger price tag.

Combining these two materials will create a stylish black matte look that is everywhere in modern farmhouse design these days. You can add additional wear by sanding the edges and corners for a more antiqued and weathered look. You can also add a touch of cinnamon to the Mod Podge to create the vintage look of rust. This technique works equally well on a variety of surfaces and decor pieces, including glass or porcelain objects like dishware or lamos. You can also age the look of wax pillar candles themselves with a touch of chalk paint and ModPodge.