No Bookends? This Genius DIY Uses Just Paper To Keep Your Books From Falling

Picture this: You're getting a peaceful sleep in the middle of the night when suddenly you hear a thud in the depths of your dream that startles you awake, only to find that the book you continue fixing on your bookshelf has fallen on the floor. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should consider changing your strategy from promising to buy bookends and then forgetting about it, to making your own with just a few materials you probably already have at home.

The great thing about this DIY is the bookends are completely internal and invisible, so you won't see a random piece of paper sticking out from the books on your shelf. If you're someone who doesn't enjoy the look of classic bookends on your shelf, a TikTok hack from user @currentbookstack offers a great way to keep your books standing in place without having any extra weight on your shelves, freeing up space to store more books. On the other hand, if you like bookends but aren't ready to go through the stress of finding the perfect ones for your room, using paper bookends is an excellent temporary solution. This hack works well for any book size, whether paperback or hardcover, and you can completely customize it using different materials if you don't have paper at home. All you need is printer paper, tape, and scissors, making this one of the most budget friendly DIY projects you'll ever come across. 

DIYing your paper bookends

To begin the hack, take your printer paper and fold it in half vertically, then unfold the paper and fold it again horizontally. You should have four equal-sized boxes on the paper. Next, cut your paper halfway along one of the vertical folds and layer the two flaps over each to create an open box. Tape the flaps where they overlap on both sides. Finally, take your book and slide the cover over the box so that it rests against the walls of the upright paper. Place it on your shelf with a couple of books next to it, which should hold the paper in place, and organize the rest of your bookshelf with your remaining books. Now, you don't have to worry about being startled by a book falling off your shelf.

If you plan to use the paper bookends for your paperbacks, you'll want to cut the top piece of the box corner to fit within the book. Some paperbacks are shorter, so the paper bookend can stick out from the top of the book. 

Customize your DIY using cardboard

If you don't have printer paper at home, you can use construction paper or even two pieces of cardboard. The cardboard requires duct tape and a hot glue gun, which, if you're an avid DIYer, you might already have at home. Begin by gluing the cardboard together to create an L-shape. After it dries, duct tape the interior and exterior fold to secure it in place. Then, slide the base into your book's cover on your bookshelf and place a few extra books next to it. If you're using heavy hardcovers, you'll want to glue another piece of cardboard to create a box corner similar to the paper bookend. Add more duct tape to the extra cardboard piece and set it on your bookshelf. It's best to use slightly thinner cardboard pieces to avoid creating a large gap between your books and the wall.

The cardboard bookends are unique because you can leave them in the L-shape form and slide them under your books instead of tucking them into the cover, leaving them exposed. They'll be seen on the bookshelf, so you can create a fun design by painting them or covering them in charming patterned paper to give them a decorative look. They'll add a pop of color and make your bookshelf look so much better. Bookends are a superb way to decorate your bookshelf, and if you can DIY them at home, it adds a personal touch and makes them one-of-a-kind.