Alexandra Rodriguez

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Santa Maria, CA
Cal State Fullerton
Fashion Trends, Jewelry, Skincare
  • Alexandra knows firsthand how much of a struggle of having severe acne can be, so she enjoys reading and researching new skincare products and ingredients that are released by skincare experts for useful information to share with those who are on their own acne journeys.
  • Her guilty pleasure is watching “Get Ready with Me” videos on TikTok; they get her creative juices flowing for styling her future outfits.
  • In her spare time, she creates fashion mood boards on Pinterest, pinning the trendiest, idiosyncratic pieces she could someday add to her wardrobe.


Alexandra fell in love with the idea of writing in high school when she was required to write essays and read various books. She joined her high school newspaper and enjoyed talking and interviewing her classmates. Later in college, Alexandra joined her university’s TUSK Magazine, covering all of her interests, from fashion to beauty to skincare, while reporting for The Daily Titan. Being on multiple writing teams allowed her to learn from her peers and prepared her for her life after graduation. Now, she’s showcasing what she knows about the lifestyle world at Glam.


Alexandra has a bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism from Cal State Fullerton.
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