Alexandra Rodriguez

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Santa Maria, CA
Cal State Fullerton
Home Decor, Plants, Cleaning Hacks
  • Alexandra enjoys learning about new flowers in her zone and planting them in her backyard.
  • She spends hours on Pinterest creating home decor mood boards, which she hopes to bring to life one day in her future home.
  • When she's not scrolling through her phone or writing, Alexandra falls into the rabbit hole of watching cleaning videos on TikTok and learning about the best and easiest hacks to clean any space.


As a new writer for House Digest, Alexandra has covered a myriad of topics, from DIY project how-to guides to mistakes to avoid when gardening to revealing the best way to decorate a space. She collects interior design magazines to inspire her writing, providing fresh perspectives when covering ways to style a home. Alexandra fell in love with the idea of writing in high school when she was required to write essays and read various books. She joined her high school newspaper and enjoyed talking and interviewing her classmates. Later in college, Alexandra joined her university's TUSK Magazine, covering all of her interests that involved home decor and plants while reporting for The Daily Titan. Being on multiple writing teams allowed her to learn from her peers and enhance her writing skills. Now, she's showcasing everything there is to know regarding home life at House Digest.


Alexandra has a bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism from Cal State Fullerton.
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