How HGTV's Erin Napier Turns An Old Window Valance Into A Genius Storage Solution

Buying a house — especially if it happens to be your first — is an exciting and joyful experience. However, the reality of the situation you find yourself in may not quite measure up to those you've seen on television and social media. Most potential homeowners have a limited budget and that may mean embracing a house for its potential even if some of its features are a little on the outdated side. Luckily, experts like HGTV's Erin Napier are here to guide you on how to update those features easily and inexpensively.

In a recent YouTube video, Napier demonstrated how to turn an outdated window valence box into a useful and customized upholstered storage solution that doubles as a wall decoration. All you'll need to make your version of the project is your window valence box, enough fabric of your choice to cover the box, shelf brackets, and a staple gun. Gather your supplies and prepare to transform. 

How to transform an outdated window valance

The main creative aspect of transforming your window valance box is choosing your fabric. If you're struggling to make a choice, consider the color of the walls in the room where you plan to use your new storage solution. Generally speaking, the most flattering color for your project will fall on either side of or across from the main color of the room. If you're stuck trying to determine what colors you should use, finding your color palette using the color wheel can be a great solution. Alternatively, you could go for a monotone look and choose a fabric that is the same color as the wall or a very similar shade.

Once you have selected your fabric, simply wrap it around the window valance box — tucking at the corners as necessary —and staple it in place in the inside of the box. Turn the box upside down and attach it to the wall using your shelf brackets. This will create a stylish wall-mounted cubby hole for storing items like stuffed animals, blankets, or throw pillows when they aren't in use. 

Similar upcycled DIYs to tackle

If transforming your window valance box has you wondering what else you could upcycle in your home, there are countless options for what you might tackle next. Other easy and inexpensive home upcycle projects include everything from flipping furniture pieces that may have come with your home to making over old windows or shutters. For instance, you can paint or stain the frame of an old wooden window and transform the panes into painted chalkboards or wall art. If you aren't particularly skilled at painting, simply use vinyl stickers or decoupage paper and glue to create the look you desire.

An act as simple as creating a piece of hinged wall art to a design trick that will hide your unsightly thermostat can change the way you feel about the less desirable features of your home. When it comes to accepting the parts of your home that aren't your favorite, a few supplies, a bit of creativity, some inspiration, and your time is often all that is required for a total transformation.