The Sneaky Feature You Might Have Missed On Your IKEA Kitchen Towels

Don't you just love a sneaky hack on your home items? Finding out there's a dishwasher hack after years of thinking you were utilizing it correctly is both humbling and exciting, but this IKEA kitchen towel secret will change the way you use them for good. Each IKEA towel comes with a small fabric hook on one corner, and while it might be obvious to some that this is for hanging them on preexisting pegs, they can serve another purpose, too. If you've ever found yourself constantly picking up kitchen towels that have fallen off your oven handle where you store them, this fabric hook can change that. By simply pulling the entire towel around the oven handle and through the hook you've created a non-slip grip that will keep linens from littering your floors!

Whether or not IKEA designers intended for people to use the fabric hooks this way no longer matters because once you try it, you'll surely be hooked (pun intended). Not every kitchen comes with pegs, and if you are renting or don't want to install any, this will save you time and money. Especially if you use your appliances to hold your kitchen towels.

The IKEA kitchen towel hack you never knew you needed

In one TikTok video, you can see someone using this hack to keep their IKEA kitchen towels secured to an oven handle. They just wrap the entire towel around the handle, then tuck it through the fabric hook and adjust it so it still looks clean and tidy. Not only will this keep your dish towels from slipping as you cook and clean, but it will also help prevent bacteria from clinging to the fabric if they were to fall on the floor, which can happen consistently if they are just draped onto a handle. Dry kitchen towels can be stored in bins or containers, but damp ones are better left to air out after use.

IKEA sells a variety of dish towels like the SNÖKRABBA, which comes in a two-pack and only costs $3.99. You can find a wide selection of single towels and packs, and each one features this handy hook so you can try this clever trick for yourself. Even if you happened to miss this before, it's worth checking your other kitchen towels for a similar piece that will allow you to use this hack whenever you want with towels you already own, too.