Dollar Tree's Simple Container Trick Will Do Wonders For Your Kitchen Towel Storage

If you have ever been inspired by perfectly organized kitchen cabinets, then you're probably wondering about the best way to store all your kitchen towels. Perhaps they're all currently shoved into a drawer or taking space in a cabinet that looks quite messy. Luckily, you can effortlessly — and inexpensively — organize your towels using nothing more than Dollar Tree baskets. The Plastic Woven-Looking Storage Baskets are only $1.25 a piece and fit in a variety of drawer sizes. Further, you can find them in many colors, from black, tan, and brown to blue, pink and gray, as well as different sizes, from tall but narrow to short and wide. Once you've chosen the right baskets for your space, the trick lies in the way you fold your towels, making full use of your vertical drawer or cabinet space. 

Before carrying out this incredible TikTok container hack, it's best to measure your cabinet or drawer before purchasing the baskets so that you choose the right ones. You should also consider how many towels you have and how much space you need to store them, which will help you determine how many baskets you need. Additionally, you can choose a color that matches your home's aesthetic. Yes, they'll be hidden away in your drawer, but if you want to repurpose the baskets down the road, you'll want something that matches the rest of your home's decor. 

How to use these Dollar Tree baskets for kitchen towels

In a helpful TikTok hack shared by @kelitaroutledge, all you need to do is add Dollar Tree baskets to your drawers. Next, you'll want to fold your towels vertically so more can fit inside each container. Fold your towels in half, rotate them, fold them in half again, and then fold them into thirds. This makes them the ideal shape for vertical filing. Line them neatly in your drawer and you're good to go! These baskets also work to provide you with drawer dividers, each one offering support so your towels stay perfectly in place. You can dedicate each basket to a different fabric like dish towels, tea towels, cloth napkins, and washcloths.

However, your drawers may not be deep enough to accommodate vertical towels, so you may need to fold and store your kitchen hand towels another way. For instance, you could fold them in half but then roll the towels and place them horizontally in the baskets. If you try this storage method, the towels will be free from creases for a neater appearance. Further, if the plastic baskets don't work for your space, there are other alternatives available at Dollar Tree like the Rectangular Wire Baskets that also cost $1.25. These may be better solution, as metal is stronger and more durable. Even better, they fit into a wide variety of aesthetics and could be kept out on a kitchen countertop, making your towels easy to access.