The Clever Reason You Should Keep A Cup Of Baking Soda In Your Home Office

Strong smells from the kitchen and other areas of your home can permeate your home office, making it hard to concentrate. Bad stenches can also impact your work in other ways, as they can affect stress levels, mood, and anxiety. In comparison, having a fresh-smelling office can do wonders for your work day. Research has suggested that working in a high-quality indoor environment with a fresh scent boosts productivity and lowers stress, and that's where baking soda can be useful. 

To fragrance your office, you could purchase an artificially-scented product like a candle, wall plug, or spray. However, these fragrances can be overpowering for smaller areas, and they just mask the smell instead of getting rid of it. Rather than buying one of these products for your office, grab a carton of baking soda instead. While this white powder is an essential ingredient in many baking recipes, did you know that you can also use baking soda in your home in a variety of other ways? Baking soda is great for tackling tough cleaning jobs as well as for deodorizing. This popular baking ingredient is ideal for keeping musty odors at bay in smaller spaces like refrigerators, bathrooms, closets, and yes — home offices. It works to dispel odors by bonding with chemicals that cause smells and neutralizing them. This helps get rid of the scent instead of just hiding it.

How to use baking soda to neutralize odors in your home office

To use baking soda to freshen your home office, grab a shallow bowl or glass and add about a cup of the ingredient. Place the bowl on a shelf in your office or even on your desk. It might take a couple of days for the baking soda to absorb smells, so be patient. You can also add a couple of drops of essential oils to the powder to make your room smell even nicer! Some ideal essential oil scents to add to your home office include cedarwood, citrus, mint, and jasmine. For the best results, replace the baking soda every 30 days.

Want to enhance the freshness of your office even more? You can also deodorize your carpets using baking soda. Carpets tend to absorb odors, and these can be removed with this powder as well. Just sprinkle a little bit of the ingredient on the carpet and then vacuum it up a couple of minutes later. If this isn't enough to completely get rid of odors, then also open a window if it's nice outside. Increasing natural ventilation is another great way to freshen up your home office. It helps to increase the airflow, which cuts down on stale smells.