Is This Simple Paper Towel Hack All You Need To Fix Your Leaking Dishwasher?

Every homeowner understands how sacred dishwashers are. With a wide array of uses, dishwashers are the handy dandy appliances that help keep kitchens in pristine condition. They also save time, energy, and manicures by alleviating the burden of washing last night's pasta bowls, ice cream sundae spoons, and of course those yucky, stained plastic storage containers. But although dishwashers can often be household heroes, they can sometimes become the villain, too. Dishwasher air gaps can often malfunction and leak, spraying water all over your kitchen and leaving a wet, dripping mess in return. 

The air gap is the part of your dishwasher that is responsible for filtering out wastewater. If the air gap is leaking, then it is indicative of a major problem, and ignoring it can not only lead to leaks and messy spills, but also subpar cleaning functionality from your dishwasher. So, if you are noticing a leak from your dishwasher air gap, it is important to take action immediately. Now, the bright side is this — you can avoid a visit from the plumber and save yourself hundreds of dollars by simply grabbing your nearest paper towel roll! 

So here's how it works

The most common culprit of dishwasher leaks is a clog in the air gap. These clogs can occur whenever there is a buildup of oil, grease, or debris from the wastewater that filters through it. So, to alleviate a leaky dishwasher, you must get rid of that nasty, pesky clog. This is where your paper towel roll comes in. 

First, remove the top, metal portion of your dishwasher's air gap. This should uncover a smaller, plastic insert inside of it. Remove the plastic insert as well, and set both of these pieces off to the side. Then, grab a paper towel roll — most suitably one that is at least 3/4 used — and place an end of the tube over the air gap and firmly upon the countertop. Hold the tube steady and then blow a continuous stream of air into the opposite end of the tube. This blowing motion should dislodge any clog. Finally, pour a generous amount of hot water down the drain to break up any grease congestion that may be left. Reattach the insert and metal portion, and voila!