Put A Unique Spin On Your Modern Gallery Wall With TikTok's IKEA Must-Haves

A gallery wall is a great way to turn a typically underutilized area like a hallway into an eye-catching space. In-between areas often go overlooked, but you can easily remedy this. While a gallery wall is typically composed of varying photos and prints hung on the wall, TikTok has devised a new method for how to enhance the design feature even more. Instead of hanging the prints at various heights, use shelves to add extra dimension.

IKEA has you covered with all you need. To achieve the look, you'll need a variety of shelf sizes such as the MOSSLANDA 21¾ inch size, costing $9.99, and the MOSSLANDA 45¼ inch size, costing $19.99. You'll also need some picture frames of varying sizes for depth and dimension. The RIBBA photo frame, measuring 24 x 25 inches and priced at $24.99, is perfect for larger prints, whereas the HOVSTA, measuring 12 x 16 inches and priced at $12.99, is good for smaller ones.

Get creative with how you hang your pictures

Creating the perfect gallery wall is super easy, so you definitely don't need to be a DIY expert to carry it out.  Simply hang up the floating shelves you have chosen in the places you want them and then prop your chosen prints in their frames onto the shelves. For a true gallery wall effect, ensure you hang the shelves at different levels and choose frames of different sizes to make the finished look visually interesting. We recommend putting the frames in various spots on the shelves. For example, if a frame is on the left side of the top shelf, position the second on the right side of the shelf below. 

Once you have placed your prints, the gaps on the shelves can be filled with an array of decorative objects. Starting your gallery wall can be tricky, but you can incorporate literally anything you like. Gallery walls reflect your tastes and the things you love, so think about how to reflect this for your own. Plants (real or fake) and vases are both good ways to fill in space and will match with any decor style. Stylish books are also a great addition, though always check the weight your chosen shelves can hold.