Rhiannon Faith Ireland

Photo of Rhiannon Faith Ireland
Royal Holloway, University Of London
Retro Style, Unusual Color Combinations, Gothic Architecture
  • After interning at a real estate magazine while at university, the interior design bug bit Rhiannon, and she has had a keen interest in all things home-related since.
  • She loves finding unique furniture pieces and upcycling vintage items to fit her latest aesthetic.
  • When she isn't writing, Rhiannon can be found testing out new color combinations, researching the history of trends, and looking around old buildings.


Some of the publications Rhiannon has written for include The List, Glam, Society19, Foter, VisualHunt, and Your Move. Her debut poetry collection was published for a limited print run in 2018 and her poetry has since been published in magazines and anthologies. In addition to her writing career, Rhiannon qualified as a teacher in 2020 and also earned a qualification in teaching children creative writing skills in 2020 after winning a place on a limited course.


Rhiannon has a Bachelor of Arts in Classics from Royal Holloway, University of London. She completed two long-term creative writing projects and received an award for her academic writing skills during her degree.
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