This Bizarre Lighting Trick Can Keep Your Attic And Basement Free Of Mice

Many homeowners immediately resort to using mouse traps or pest control services to get rid of mice, but there are ways to repel them as well. Although it's well-known that mice tend to prefer the dark, a specific lighting trick can work wonders for repelling them and keeping them out of a basement or attic. Placing a red LED light in areas where you suspect mice are visiting will help keep them away without the need to kill them.

To a certain extent, mice can see wavelengths that are close to the infrared spectrum, but their vision seems to be limited. Red light can disrupt a mouse's sleep cycle and make them less likely to want to sleep in areas where they're present. The red light makes them feel unsafe and uneasy, and as a result, they'll stay away from the area and look for a more suitable place to rest their heads instead.

Deterring mice with color lights

Red lights are the most effective for deterring mice because they can't sense the color well. Red light affects their vision and makes it appear "washed out," according to Pest Pointers. They'll also have a harder time avoiding red lights and feeling comfortable navigating the areas around them. Simply purchasing a red LED light and setting it up in the basement or attic is all you need to do to deter them. Doing so can help you get rid of mice in your attic or basement without needing to resort to lethal methods.

Even though red lights work best for repelling mice, other colors can work as well. While they can detect them a bit better, blue and green light colors in particular will also do a good job of repelling mice and making them feel wary. According to a PLOS Biology study, blue and green light both elevate levels of the stress hormone corticosterone in mice when compared to no light at all. White and yellow light work but not quite as well as other colors.

Getting the most out of mice repellent lighting

Aside from using red, blue, and green lighting, there are also other ways to repel mice with lighting. Although ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, mice are highly sensitive to it. Keeping a steady UV light in the basement or attic can disorient and repel them. Adding a standard light can also work, especially if it's bright. A brightly lit area is undesirable to mice because it feels like daytime and will make mice feel vulnerable. Especially helpful are high-intensity discharge lights. These lights are very bright and will discourage mice from taking an interest in an area.

Steady light sources can work well, but alternating lights can be even more effective and disorienting to mice. Consider using flashing strobe lights to make mice especially wary of a particular area. Flashing lights can be startling to mice, at least for a while. However, they may get used to it as time goes on, so be sure to use it in conjunction with other methods to get rid of mice humanely.