DIY A Sleek Desk On The Cheap With TikTok's Beginner-Friendly Wood Project

Having a dedicated desk in your home, be it part of a home office setup or in a corner of your bedroom, is like having a personal sanctuary for productivity. It's a space uniquely yours where you can focus, organize your thoughts, and accomplish tasks. The presence of a personal desk can transform how you approach your work or hobbies, creating a zone that reflects your workflow and creativity. 

When it comes to getting a desk, you can choose from a vast array of desks available on the market or opt for a more hands-on approach and embark on a DIY project. The latter isn't as intimidating as it sounds. A popular trend, seen with TikTok user @mountainmamamegan, shows off a genius way to repurpose old filing cabinets into a desk. In her project, she painted two file cabinets to match her room's decor and used a butcher block countertop purchased from Home Depot for $369. However, if you're looking for more budget-friendly options, IKEA offers various countertops, with prices starting at $169 and going up depending on the wood type and dimensions.

But you don't even necessarily have to shell out any money if you don't want to. The items you need for your DIY desk project are likely already in your garage. The list includes a sheet of plywood, furring strips, wood stain, and polyurethane varnish. Depending on your preferred design, you'll need one or two filing cabinets to support the structure.

How to repurpose a filing cabinet into a desk

This project is so easy, you can file it under your list of DIY desks that anyone can build! The first step is to decide on the design and the materials you'll be using. You can make your desk using one or two file cabinets. For the desktop, you can either purchase one from your trusty home improvement store or DIY it using a sturdy plywood sheet. Let's begin with the DIY table that became popular on TikTok, which uses a hardwood tabletop and two filing cabinets. Simply position a hardwood tabletop over two filing cabinets for an instant desk setup. Enhance the desktop with polyurethane varnish for a polished finish, and consider painting the filing cabinets to match your room's style or conceal any visible nicks and scuffs.

If you're choosing the budget-friendly route and decided on using plywood for the desktop, take inspiration from Bear Mountain Builds. He made his 6-foot long, 22-inch deep desktop by cutting a 4x8-foot sheet of plywood into two and gluing them together before cutting it to size. He added 1-inch strips as trim around the edges and after sanding, and stained and varnished the desktop for a distressed look. For your DIY desk with just one filing cabinet, one option is to use furring strips as legs on one side, as @chascrazycreations did. Alternatively, attach an extra plywood sheet instead of legs for a more sturdy-looking desk.