Create Storage In The Smallest Of Entryways With This Stunning IKEA BRIMNES Hack

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Having storage compartments right at the entryway helps a lot in keeping the home organized. When there's a spot there for all the things you bring in, like your wallet, purse, umbrella, and shoes, you avoid creating a clutter trail as you go back into the house. Entryway storage typically looks like a combination of shelves, hooks, and drawers, but the IKEA BRIMNES bookcase can be used to create a nice one-and-done solution to give you ample space. It costs $129 and comes in white or black (via IKEA).

If you're dealing with a tight entryway, it can be tricky to find the right storage solutions to make it worthwhile. Some brilliant solutions that make the space feel bigger are shoe racks or cabinets, and freestanding or built-in benches. This hack, however, requires just one empty wall to give you a platform to combine those different functions in whatever way you'd like. For example, the bookcase's four adjustable levels can be used for your smaller items and accessories, while the two drawers can be used for shoes.

The hack

This YouTube video shows a DIY enthusiast fitting a BRIMNES bookcase into the corner of her home's entryway. She installs and assembles the bookcase, creates an additional storage compartment to go on the top, and adds a trim from top to bottom to transform it into a cohesive floor-to-ceiling unit. The BILLY bookcase, another IKEA product, can be used similarly to create floor-to-ceiling shelves. Next, she attaches doors to the bookcase and adds stylish baskets to the top area which she left open.

Before recreating this, we recommend checking the dimensions of the BRIMNES and comparing it to the space you have. If it's too short, that doesn't have to be a problem as the tutorial shows, but it does need to be the right width. A perfect fit is ideal but if there's some space left over, we suggest adding something slim and tall like a floor lamp or a plant like the false banana tree.

Our thoughts on this hack

One major thing we noticed is that she didn't put up the shelves inside. This might be because she doesn't need that much storage space here, but that's something you can modify for yourself. Based on the items you need to store there, you can assemble one or all shelves. It also helps to add bins and baskets if you want to be more organized and detailed. The Y-Weave decorative baskets from Target come in a nice pattern and different colors and cost $6. Target also sells a 4-pack of clear plastic bins for $25 if it's better for you to have see-through bins.

To add doors or not is another personal choice. Doors are helpful if you want to get more privacy and want a clean, neat look. They can also provide additional internal storage in the form of hooks or racks that can go on the inside of the doors. However, you can leave the bookcase as is if you prefer a more open design. It will make the storage area more accessible and avoid the loss of space that happens when you open the doors.