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University Of San Diego
Home Décor Trends, DIY How-To Guides, Home Hacks
  • Her personal experience as a digital nomad has led her to a lot of Airbnbs, hostels, and accommodations so she has become sensitive to the most important things to have in a living space.
  • She is in tune with the latest design trends, from colors to materials, and loves figuring out the best ways to incorporate those things into a home.
  • She is especially knowledgeable about making things work on a budget and finding affordable ways to achieve a dream home.


As a news writer for House Digest, she has covered a wide range of topics, focusing on home aesthetics, DIY project how-to guides, and trends in the design world. Her previous experience in content management and social media has been especially handy as she writes a lot about what's trending on the internet in relation to DIY projects and home decor. Articles like "Transform Your Backyard Into A Barbie-Inspired Oasis In Time For Summer" and "What To Know About The TikTok Famous Tiny Homes From Walmart" are some of her favorites because they touch on hot topics.


Vayunamu graduated from the University of San Diego with a bachelor's degree in international relations.
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