V Bawa

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University Of San Diego
Home Décor, Digital Marketing, Culture
  • Vayunamu is a professional writer with extensive experience in journalism and copywriting who usually couples her writing with photography.
  • Whether it's a story about home décor trends, the mind behind a small business, a mayoral debate at a low-income school, or the impact of climate change, Vayunamu remains committed to genuine and accessible storytelling.
  • Vayunamu is also passionate about fashion/style, sustainable living, and travel -- she's currently living in her third country (so far)!


Vayunamu writes for newspapers, blogs, websites, and social media. She especially loves anything that has to do with culture and current events.


Vayunamu earned her bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of San Diego because of her interest in people and power. The field also gave her the platform to communicate and learn through writing. To her, the best education is anything that can provide guidance with real-life problems and situations.
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