The Popular IKEA Piece That Tucks Away Craft Supplies & Keeps Your Life Organized

IKEA pieces are known for their versatility, a testament to the brand's focus on minimalist design and functionality. This simplicity is the key to their adaptability; the furniture can effortlessly fit into various spaces around the home. Whether you're looking to furnish a living room, bedroom, or even a home office, IKEA's designs blend seamlessly with different interior styles while offering practical solutions to everyday living. If the IKEA KALLAX is known as the most versatile piece in-store, the IKEA HEMNES shoe rack gives it a run for its money. The HEMNES' versatility extends beyond typical storage solutions. While originally designed as a shoe cabinet, its slim design makes it a storage game changer for small bathrooms and other areas of the home. As mom @diywith_avery showcased on TikTok, it can also be creatively repurposed to organize kids' craft supplies.

The IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet features a four-compartment design. It sells for $179.99 and comes in three colors: black-brown, dark gray, and white. Another variety comes in two full-length compartments and a slim drawer at the top, sold for $169.99.

Why the IKEA HEMNES is ideal for kids' craft supplies

The IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet is a fantastic storage solution for your kids' craft supplies. Each of its compartments, measuring 15 ¾ x 5 ⅛ inches, offers plenty of space for papers, crayons, paints, and various other craft items. The four-compartment feature is especially handy if you have multiple kids, as it allows you to allocate a separate section to each child. However, if the square compartment layout of the standard HEMNES model doesn't quite meet your needs, the version with two compartments (measuring 28 ⅜ inches across) might be more suitable. This variety offers larger individual spaces, which can be ideal for storing bigger items or for those who need more flexibility in their storage options. Additionally, if one unit isn't sufficient for your needs, the modular design of HEMNES makes stacking two or more together a breeze. Each unit seamlessly integrates to create a unified, cohesive look.

The 39 ¾-inch height of the IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet is also ideally suited for young kids, as it puts their craft supplies and tools within easy reach. This accessibility is key for fostering independence, enabling children to effortlessly access what they need for their creative projects. It also encourages them to be responsible and organized, as they can easily retrieve and put away their supplies independently. This level of accessibility helps maintain a tidier space, as kids are more likely to return items to a storage area they can comfortably reach.

Creative ways to use IKEA HEMNES for your kids

Creating a designated space for your kids with IKEA HEMNES cabinets is a fantastic idea. If you have a playroom or a designated spot in your living room, positioning one or more HEMNES units in this space and arranging tables and chairs nearby can establish a perfect arts and crafts corner. This setup organizes supplies neatly and creates a dedicated space for creativity and learning.

Personalizing the IKEA HEMNES cabinets for your kids is a wonderful way to make their space feel unique and engaging. You can create stickers with their names to add to each compartment and encourage them to adorn their own "cubbies" with their favorite stickers. This allows them to take ownership of their space and adds a fun, individualized touch. You can also display children's artwork by attaching cork board to the surface of the drawers to showcase their favorite pieces, making the area a mini art gallery that celebrates their creativity. If you're up for some artistic expression on your furniture, consider letting your kids draw or design on their HEMNES cabinet cubbies. For a non-permanent option, apply a plastic sheet over the surface for easy removal.