12 DIY Home Decor Ideas To Upgrade Your Home And Garden On A Budget

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and now that spring has finally arrived it's time for spring cleaning. As you're cleaning, you might stop and take a look at your decor, realizing it's time for an upgrade. We all want our homes to be well-decorated and full of personalized decor that makes it feel like the space is truly ours. But if you've popped into a decor store recently you know that even basic home items come with a hefty price tag. Despite how expensive things might seem, a home full of lovely decor shouldn't feel out of reach.

If you're willing to put in a little effort and have a lot of vision, you can DIY some amazing decor for your home and garden without breaking the bank. We've assembled 12 DIY projects that you can complete in an afternoon that will give every corner of your home a quick refresh for the coming season. From the bathroom to the garden, with just a few tools and materials easily sourced from popular stores, you can create a home that feels even more special because of the time and effort you put in (all while saving your hard-earned money).

Create a storage side table with a pizza pan and planter

Having a side table next to your chair or couch is critical to creating a functional living space. It's rare nowadays to sit down without a remote/book/coffee in your hand, so having somewhere close to set it down makes the space feel more comfortable. But side tables, especially ones that have storage, can sell for hundreds of dollars. Instead, head to your local Walmart but go past the furniture and straight to the gardening section.

As DIY home decor TikTokker @thecraftedstudioco demonstrates, you can create a stunning side table with an outdoor planter and yes, a pizza pan! The trick is to make sure the pizza pan sits snugly on top of the planter so that it forms a secure surface to place objects. The neutral silver and white combination means that it can fit into a variety of home styles from farmhouse to contemporary. But if you are short on space she also shows a variation using a wicker planter with a smaller pizza pan to create a boho-looking accent table that still has some storage.

Add some texture with a shiplap panel

We're obsessed with Joanna Gaines, you're obsessed with Joanna Gaines, everyone is obsessed with Joanna Gaines and her elegant farmhouse style. One non-negotiable for her? Shiplap. It's an easy way to add texture and dimension to a room's otherwise boring walls. But the thought of measuring, cutting, and installing the wood by yourself might seem daunting and expensive.

Instead, use premade shiplap panels like @surryplace. These 4'x8' panels from Home Depot cost about $36 each and require nothing more than a nail gun to install. This means you can accent a 12 foot wall for just $112, which is less than it would cost to install each plank individually. You can also paint the shiplap any color you'd like or even add a piece of wood trim to turn a boring white wall into a powerful, eye-catching piece of decor. 

A magical garden arch is just a DIY project away

Spring is the time for resurrecting your garden, but that's not limited to plants. If you want to create a secret garden feeling in your yard then there is no better way than to add a magical arch. This can serve as the entryway or a focal point in the center of the garden. But there's no need to spend hundreds. Just take a quick trip to your local hardware store. All you need is a staple gun, some 2x4s, garden fencing, half-inch PVC pipe, and half-inch electrical straps.

Creator @carmonaacres chose to secure the wood to vegetable boxes, but you can use any type of wooden support. From there the PVC pipe forms the actual arch, which is then secured to the wood with electrical straps. Finally, the top is covered with garden fencing. You can leave it like this, or use it as a trellis to cover with a climbing plant or hang string lights. You'll want to spray paint it all one color, giving you the option of adding a pop of color to your garden.

Paint old faucets to upgrade without replacing

Our bathroom is often one of the most outdated places in the home since it's such an expensive hassle to renovate. Even changing out hardware requires a certain level of skill and plumbing knowledge that will deter many DIYers. If you want to give your bathroom a refresh, turn to trusty paint (but not for the walls). You can indeed use paint on your fixtures like your faucet and handles as long as you take the right precautions to make sure it lasts.

@alexfairo painted her boring chrome faucet a beautiful matte black, making it look much more sleek and modern. After 7 months her faucet is still looking good, having only a few small paint chips that can be easily touched up. She first used the Valspar Stainblocking Bonding Primer/Sealer then went in with a matte black spray paint, but you can use any color. You could even use an automotive paint like Rust-Oleum, which is designed to help prevent rust, a helpful feature in a bathroom.

Use contact paper for a full kitchen refresh

If you can't switch out your kitchen cabinets, the obvious choice would be to paint them. But what happens if you're a renter or you want a look that paint can't provide? @shanicelashaystyle has a solution. Using only removable contact paper, she transformed her kitchen area from looking brown and outdated to a sleek black and white haven. She even used marble contact paper on the countertop to emulate the popular material for a fraction of the cost.

The downside to using contact paper is that it requires a lot of patience to apply. The video shows that using a hairdryer and a wallpaper smoother can help the paper application process, but it will still take a decent amount of time to cover your entire kitchen. However, if you are willing to put in the effort the result will be a completely transformed kitchen that requires no commitment because the contact paper can be removed at any time.

Make a whimsical flower chandelier with Dollar Tree hangers

Want to make your garden feel like straight out of a fantasy book? Make this flower chandelier using items from Dollar Tree. Start by grabbing two hanging baskets with liners from Dollar Tree. Then cut slits in the liner about 3-4 inches wide. Take your favorite flowers, like Petunias, and stick them in the slits. Flip it around and add more dirt. Connect the two sides with zip ties and you're done!

You might be wondering how you are going to water this thing? Luckily the video by @hometalk gives us a hint. It's super easy, all you have to do is use your hose to sprinkle the hanging ball with water. The water will absorb in through the liner and moisten the dirt that you put inside. Be patient as the flowers grow and bloom to fill out the exterior of the basket and create the final look.

Floating shelves in the bathroom work as storage and decor

That awkward space above the toilet is always a decorating mystery. Many people's first idea would be to add a large work of art or a collage, but it can be hard to find art that works in a bathroom without looking kitschy. If you want something visually interesting and functional to fill that empty space, consider some floating shelves.

As TikTok creator @thebeltrans shows, once you install these shelves they can be used to hold everything from plants to candles to room fresheners. There are so many ways to arrange them based on your personal style. If you need the space to be more practical you can use it to store toilet paper or feminine products within arm's reach of the toilet. The homeowner in the video chose to go for a classic wooden shelf, but you can find options in plastic or metal to complement the other materials in your bathroom.

Use a rubber border to make a boring mirror more elegant

Mirrors are one of those pieces of home decor that are way more expensive than you'd ever think they were, so buying a plain one is the route many people have to take. If you rent you have no choice in the matter, and landlords are often not the most design focused, choosing practicality over aesthetics. But with a simple peel and stick rubber border, TikTokker @steviecurry_ created the illusion of a brand new mirror.

There are countless types of peel and stick molding trim ranging from ornate designs that would look at home in the English countryside to minimalist styles for a subtle pop. The key to making it look seamless is to cut each piece at a 45 degree angle so the edges fit together perfectly like the frame on a mirror would. If you have the pieces overlap it will look bulky and obviously fake, so take the time to measure things out before you make the cut.

Create a cozy feeling with hidden sofa lighting

Nothing kills the vibe of a room more than turning on the big overhead light. You can use some accent lamps, but if you want to create an ambient light that takes up zero floor space, try adding a strip of hidden LED lights behind your couch. This will create a unique look that is soft enough to keep on while watching a movie or relaxing.

All you need is a strip of LED lights which can be found on Amazon or Home Depot. These come in many different variations, with some having the ability to change through a rainbow of colors or adjust the brightness setting. If yours don't have a sticky backing you can just buy some command strips and use them to mount as @our_gaff_ demonstrated in the video. This trick can also be used behind a bed to create a cozy bedroom space perfect for relaxing before you go to sleep.

Turn an old pallet into a raised garden box

If you want a raised garden bed without having to spend hundreds on a planter, @alex___goodwin shows you how to make one out of a used pallet. If you can acquire the pallet for free then this DIY is extra affordable, but if not you can frequently find people selling them nearby on eBay or Facebook Marketplace for a cheap price.

The only other materials you will need are some screws, a drill, and a circle saw. If you don't have a circle saw you can always use a jig saw or a hand saw. A hand saw is the most affordable option, ranging in price from $10-20 but it will require more effort and ensure less precision than an electric saw would. 

Make a beautiful beaded hummingbird feeder

We all love seeing a cute little hummingbird visit our yard, but not having enough feeders could be one reason you're driving them away. While hummingbird feeders run around $20 and are quite affordable, if you want to set up multiple in your yard the price tag will add up quickly. @birding_by_ear created a DIY feeder design that used a stick from your yard, some jewelry wire, red beads, and a hand feeder to create a cute hanging design.

You still have to buy the hummingbird hand feeders, but those cost only $10 for a 4 pack on Amazon, which still gives you quite a lot of savings over purchasing four traditional feeders. Making a DIY feeder also gives you the chance to be creative and craft one that is customized to your home. Maybe you want a larger loop so you can hang it on a specific tree branch or need to make it skinnier to fit in a specific spot near your window. By making your own piece of garden decor you can attract these beautiful birds to your yard while also creating a wire sculpture that looks good even when the birds aren't perching.

Light up your space with a budget wall sconce you can hang anywhere

Does your home have a dark corner that would benefit from a wall sconce but you don't want to go through the hassle of an expensive electrician's visit? Then look no further than this DIY design from @norashousedesign. Grab a trifle container from Dollar Tree along with a copper bell hanger from Home Depot and some plywood.

The DIY in the video shows the containers painted gold but a matte black would also go well with many different decor styles. No matter what color you decide, first applying a white undercoat to cover up the bright color of the trifle container is critical to ensure the color is vibrant and even. Attach the hanger and the wood, then insert a puck light. This will allow you to place the light source anywhere without the need for rewiring. If you don't want the hassle of sticking your hand up the light each time you want to turn it on/off, you can always buy a remote controlled puck light.