The Clever Bathroom Storage Addition That Hides Toilet Paper Within Reach

We all know the woes of toilet paper stacked a mile high in the bathroom. Convenient? Yes. Annoying and pretty ugly to look at? Double yes. But what else can you do with it when it needs to be within reach? If you're like us, you know working with a small space can weigh you down. Nothing seems to fit anywhere. Cabinets and under-sink storage seem to disappear overnight. And, unfortunately, those rolls of tissue continue to become a higher mountain of "what do I do?"

With this hack, we promise it may be the last time you ask yourself that question. Though it may not be the most renter-friendly option, it will save many of us from that same old headache. Remember those older houses with fun trap doors and hidden closets? Well, that's exactly what you're going to do here. Maybe not exactly, but somewhere close.

Instagram user, @thomasmaybespoke, showcases the secret compartment in a currently renovated manor, and like us, the commenters had questions. One said "Nice, nice but can you show us while sitting on the toilet? The door opens and hits your leg and then what? Reach around with the farthest hand to grab your goods?" Of course, this idea is gold, but it needs to be convenient. So, we went down a research rabbit hole to get you the best method for making your own (DIY, if you dare) cabinet, with a modern twist.

A step-by-step guide to building your own

If you're new to the DIY scene, this may be something you should hire a professional for. It can be a strenuous task that can be easily done wrong if you're not properly aware of dimensions and placement. Renters should also beware. Unless you have approval from your landlord or management, doing so may result in losing your deposit, or worse. Once you're in the clear, keep reading.

YouTuber Toai Lon embarked on a similar recessed toilet paper storage compartment project, and recommends starting by sawing and structuring all of your wood. Build your ideal shelf – before putting it on the wall — to get an idea of what it will look like on the inside. Two shelves should be the perfect size for optimal toilet paper storage. Once you're satisfied with your structure, iron out and sand the connected wood slabs to get the perfect shape. You don't want excess wood pieces hanging off the sides, as it can result in scraping the wall or not fitting properly.

Now, it's time to paint. Be sure to paint the color of your shelf the same as your wall — though of course, it's a DIY project, so do whatever your heart desires. Complementary color combinations, like orange and blue or green and magenta, could be fun here, too. It's up to you.

The finishing touches

After you've painted your new shelf, you'll need the proper tools to saw into your wall. The creator of the YouTube video mentioned previously uses a handsaw, but a power saw works just fine for making these types of precise cutouts in drywall. Be sure the teeth are sharp for optimal use. This can be dangerous if you're not properly trained, so this part of the project may be great to ask for additional help. Align your shelf with the wall you'd like to cut through, ensure your measurements are exact, then begin cutting out the square. Now, slide your shelf in. Apply a few screws tightly with a drill or screwdriver.

Though the original TikTok crafted a more modern take on this trap door concept, the YouTuber just made a visible recessed wall compartment, so feel free to add your own flair to this. With or without the secretive element, we're sure it won't be any secret how much easier your trips to the bathroom will be.