Use Your IKEA LACK Like This To Take Bedside Storage To New Heights

When it comes to small spaces, packing in every inch of storage is essential to maintain and enhance functionality. However, there are ways to do so in a tight space without sacrificing aesthetics or making a space feel cluttered. In a tiny bedroom, one perfect spot to increase your storage without sacrificing square footage is next to the bed in place of a traditional nightstand. One TikTok video shows how you can maximize your bedside storage by taking advantage of vertical space with the tall IKEA LACK shelving unit as a nightstand alternative.

The shelving unit has six cubbies to utilize for either storage or display space for your favorite artwork, photos, or objects. Place this unit on one side of the bed if space is limited, or on both sides to frame the bed within the tall shelving units to give a cozy built-in vibe. Use stylish small baskets for hidden storage to disguise unattractive necessities.

IKEA LACK as nightstand alternative with vertical storage

As the TikTok video shows and commenters agree, this $99 IKEA LACK shelving unit is easy to assemble by simply attaching the floating shelves to the back support board and then mounting the unit to the wall to prevent tipping. At almost 75 inches tall, this shelving unit gives you roughly an additional four feet of extra vertical storage over a typical nightstand. Plus, because it is less than a foot in width and depth, the small footprint is perfect for sneaking lots of storage into a tight space.

While the TikToker leaves her unit white to match her vanity, you can customize your LACK with a coat of fun paint using this trick to paint IKEA's difficult surfaces by selecting the correct primer to ensure the paint adheres to the coated particle board. Alternatively, use this hack to instantly elevate the look your IKEA furniture by installing peel and stick wallpaper on the backer board. Because it is such a small area, you will likely only need to purchase one roll of wallpaper, making it an affordable yet impactful DIY upgrade. Finally, personalize your new vertical storage nightstands with some lighting by installing LED light strips under one (or all) of the shelves, mounting a plug-in sconce on the backer board to make use of the vertical space, or simply placing a small task lamp on one of the shelves so you are ready to curl up with a good book.