An Easy And Flexible DIY Storage Solution For A Small Laundry Room

When designing a small laundry room, you need to be wise with the layout because every inch counts. Even if all you have to work with is a one-wall laundry room, there are ways to fit all the necessities in and maximize the space. Taking advantage of vertical space, for one, is key to creating a functional laundry room, and an easy way to do that is to use a hanging mechanism like a pegboard or floating shelves.

Chunky cabinets and dressers can quickly make a room feel physically and visually cramped because they take up a lot of the floor area. To combat this, you'll want to utilize the other surfaces so there are more storage spaces and also more structures that draw the eye up. Mounting racks and shelves on the walls or even ceilings are stylish options for this and can typically be DIY solutions. You just need reliable wall anchors to keep them stable and sturdy.

A hanging storage solution

Pegboards can be used in a variety of ways to organize things around the house. In the laundry room, they can hold tools like lint rollers and ironing boards as well as cleaning supplies like mops, brushes, and brooms, which is especially helpful since those take up a lot of floor space when stuffed behind the door. This $60 pegboard on Amazon is made of metal, making it sturdy enough to hold up virtually anything, and narrow so it doesn't take up a lot of space. It is very DIY-friendly because it just needs to be screwed into the walls at the corners. IKEA also sells affordable white and black pegboards in multiple sizes, perfect for mounting behind your washing machine. These shelves can also hold your bleaches and cleaning solutions, keeping them easily within reach while freeing up room in your cabinets and closets.

If you need to store things in containers, floating shelves are a good option, too. They are also more suitable if you don't want the exposed storage look. Here is a great guide to follow on building floating shelves from scratch — it even includes drawers for a 2-in-1 storage solution. Storage systems like floating shelves and pegboards are flexible and versatile enough to fit into most of the available wall space. However, some of the best spots for floating shelves will be above the washer and dryer while pegboards are great on the wall behind the laundry room door, or on the door itself. They will take up little space in these areas and make things easy to access.