Too Many Coffee & Tea Mugs? Free Up Cabinet Space With This Cool Wood Pallet DIY

Your cabinets do a lot of heavy lifting, but even they can get overloaded. If you love collecting mugs, you may have worried about running out of cupboard space to store these cherished pieces of dishware that hold your warm and cozy drinks (or any drinks). While clever hacks like Command hooks can help create more kitchen storage, DIYing something customized for your mugs is so much more fun! Before you sort through your mugs and (gasp!) give some away, try making your own pallet DIY holder to display and store them. If old soup cans can become customized kitchen storage, why can't a wood pallet?

This aesthetically pleasing project can be made with just a few supplies and can hang on an empty wall to open up space in your cupboards, and no dishware has to be discarded in the process (unless you find a chipped mug to turn into a bird feeder)! Wood pallets are popular in home decor for a number of reasons. They bring a rustic chic element to any space they inhabit and, thanks to the fact people can find them for free or at a low cost, they are great for DIY projects and anyone looking to design on a budget. 

Gather your supplies and trim your pallet to fit

To start, find a pallet that fits your needs. Check grocery, furniture, and hardware stores for unused pallets, or search local online marketplaces. A standard pallet measures around 4 feet by 3 feet. If this is too large, don't be afraid to cut it. You can do this with a circular saw, just mark off where you intend to slice with a measuring tape and pencil. Your pallet should have at least two or three planks going horizontally where your hooks will eventually be installed.

Once your wood is the size and shape you want, you'll need to sand it since most pallets are fairly rough in texture. You should purchase sandpaper with at least 120 grit, then use a sander to remove all the raw wood you can. The result should be a smooth surface, so there are no chances of cuts or scrapes. You can paint or stain your pallet if you prefer a more "finished" look, but just sanding it will create a clean, aesthetic result.

Stain or paint after sanding and let the pallet dry completely. You can use stencils to decorate the pallet with fun phrases or designs. If you intend to do this, accommodate for that when cutting or arranging the pallet so you have enough planks to still hang the number of mugs you need to.

Finish off with paint or stain and hooks

Before you begin adding your hooks, consider how many mugs you can get on each plank. If you have varying sizes and shapes, lay each one against your pallet to determine how much space they need. Mark out where each hook will go, then use a drill to connect them to the wood. If you'd rather use hooks that can be screwed in by hand, use pliers to help you insert them into the planks. Make sure you choose sturdy enough hooks to hold heavier mugs.

Once the hooks are attached, use a stud finder to locate the best place to hang your new mug display. Because of how heavy the pallet could be once the mugs are added to the wood, insert nails as far into your stud as possible to make sure they are secure. Use a drill to install 2-inch to 3-inch nails, at least one on each end of the top of your display. Once you're done, add your mugs and admire your new holder that might just become your favorite wall decor!