13 Clever Ways You Should Be Using Command Hooks For Extra Kitchen Storage

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Are you strapped for storage space in your kitchen? If so, you're not alone. In a study done by the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association (NKBA), 80% of participants named clutter and a lack of functional storage as two of the biggest problems kitchen design needs to address. If you're remodeling, you can choose to incorporate all sorts of smart storage solutions, like toe kick drawers and perfectly designed pantry cupboards, à la Pinterest. But demo and reno isn't the only route to achieving picture-perfect kitchen storage.

On the contrary, a couple packs of Command hooks are all you need to start achieving your organizing goals. For under $20, you can bust clutter, keep often-used items within arm's reach, and make your entire kitchen more functional. What's more, like with most Command products, you won't have to drill a single hole.

Speaking of mounting, have you been using Command hooks wrong? If so, here's how to install them correctly so that they hang solid. Before applying any type of Command hook, clean the surface you're sticking it to. The easiest way to do this is with some rubbing alcohol. Then remove the backing and press the hook down hard, maintaining pressure for 30 seconds. This will help ensure a good bond. Command also advises removing hooks that have separate mounting bases and pressing the mounts down for an additional 30 seconds. As an added precaution, you shouldn't hang items on the hook for at least an hour. Now that you know how to mount a Command hook, check out the cleverest ways to use them in the kitchen.

Hang your stand mixer attachments

Stumped for an effective way to store all your standing mixer attachments? Instead of having them tangled together in a drawer, a few Command hooks can allow you to quickly organize those attachments once and for all. If you keep your mixer in a cupboard, consider mounting the hooks on the inside of the door for easy access. If it lives in a deep drawer or appliance garage, you can stick the hooks onto the inner sides. While you're busy organizing the attachments, you can also use one of Command's handy cord bundlers (which sell on Amazon for under $13 a pack) to neatly secure your mixer's electrical cable.

Suspend your measuring cups

Tired of scratching around in drawers trying to find the right size measuring cup? Once again, Command hooks are the answer to your storage prayers. Simply mount a few to the inside of a cabinet door where you keep your baking supplies — and Bob's your uncle. But before you fill your Amazon cart with Command hooks, make sure the ones you choose will fit into the holes on the measuring cup handles. These swivel hooks from Command are super skinny, and you can get a pack of 10 for under $20 on Amazon. If you're after a non-swiveling alternative, these clear Command hooks from Amazon might fit the bill. Worried the cups will clank? If you have metal measuring cups, you can also consider using some Command brand magnetic tape from Amazon.

Hang spray bottles to free up cabinet space

There are cabinet mistakes to avoid if you don't want to waste space. If you've got too many spray bottles jostling for space in your kitchen cabinets, you'll love this Command hook hack. The Command brand makes specially designed spray bottle hangers. Pick up a pack with the number of hangers you need (Amazon stocks them in single and double packs), follow the instructions, and mount them anywhere you want to instantly inject extra storage. You can place the hangers on the inside of cupboard doors (or on the sides), combined with some regular Command hooks for things like rubber gloves, to create a vertical cleaning station.

Organize your Glad wrap boxes like a total boss

Tinfoil and parchment paper boxes tend to get banged up in drawers, lose their shape, become messy, and ultimately break. To wave goodbye to this problem for good, pick up a couple swiveling Command hooks like these from Amazon and a length of wooden dowel. Mount the hooks on the side of a cabinet or inside a door, far enough apart to fit a roll of parchment or tinfoil. Cut the dowels to length (your hardware store can also do this), insert them through the rolls (you can even pop them through the boxes), and place the ends of the rods in the hooks. You may need to bend the hooks slightly more open to accommodate the dowel. To be safe, check the distance between the hook and the mounting base before you buy your dowels. The hooks linked above have a 0.6-inch gap and can accommodate 0.5-inch dowels.

Hang up a bunch of bananas

Another creative way you can use Command hooks in the kitchen is to hang up your bananas. Suspending bananas can help you keep your counters clear, prevent bruising, and even potentially slow down the ripening process, which is driven by ethylene gas. Increased airflow could lower concentrations of this gas around the bananas. This is why some fruit baskets come with a vertical arm. Instead of shelling out for one of these, take a Command hook and place it against the side of an upper cabinet, against your backsplash, or anywhere else you want to hang your bunch. Just make sure you use a heavy-duty option that can hold at least 3 pounds, such as this double hook on Amazon in matte black.

Suspend some small baskets

Another way you can bust kitchen clutter, create more storage space, and corral small items is by using Command hooks to hang up small baskets. @emilyololade implemented this hack underneath her upper kitchen cabinets by placing wire baskets from the Dollar Tree onto three Command hooks to create some handy snack storage. This is a great way to get stuff up off your kitchen countertops, but you can also use this idea in your pantry or even inside a cabinet to create extra storage for food or cleaning supplies. Just be cognizant of what weight you're planning on putting into the baskets and how much the Command hooks can hold. 

Organize satchels and packets

Besides using small baskets, you can also combine Command hooks and binder clips to create some seriously streamlined storage for slim packets and satchels. Not only can this save space, but it also means you never have to unpack half your pantry to find a packet of instant soup ever again. Simply stick up a couple of Command hooks, clamp your packets together with the binder clips, and hang 'em up. Alternatively, you can use a specialized Command clamp product, like these spring clips from Amazon.

Organize your pot lids like a pro

Pots and pans are some of the most cumbersome, frequently used, and awkward-to-store kitchen items. Yes, you can stack them, but this usually leaves the pot lids in a precarious pile. Enter the pot lid Command hook hack. To get those lids out of the way but still within easy reach, pick up some medium-sized Command hooks, such as this 7-pack from Amazon. Position your pot lids against the backs of your cabinet doors, mark positions for two hooks at the bottom of each lid, and adhere the hooks. If you have deep pot drawers, position the hooks on the inner sides.

Store clean kitchen towels

If you aren't blessed with a lot of cabinet real estate, kitchen towels can quickly eat up valuable drawer space. To efficiently store your kitchen towel collection, why not make use of a quick camper van hack. All you need is a Command hook and a grocery bag holder, like this cute one from Amazon. Adhere your hook inside a pantry cupboard, against your fridge, or the outside of a cabinet or kitchen island. Fill the bag with your clean dishcloths, and voilà! You can also use this same setup to store rags or cleaning cloths.

Put your mug collection on display

If you've built up quite the collection of mugs, why not create extra space in your cabinets by hanging them on Command hooks? Choose a section on the underside of your uppers, on a cabinet side, or even along your backsplash, and use a measuring tape and pencil to create evenly spaced marks as a guide for placing the Command hooks. If you're hanging mugs from your uppers, you'll want to use the swiveling wire hooks (which are available in 6-, 10-, and 24-packs on Amazon). If you're doing a vertical display, you can also use regular Command hooks, or you can go for a more decorative option like these metal ones that are available in matte black on Amazon.

Hang up a stepladder in your pantry

Having the right step stool on hand is a must if you want to reach tall cabinets and high shelves. To neatly get it out of the way once you're done, all you need is the right hook. The Command brand makes these heavy-duty wall hooks, which are available on Amazon in a 2-pack for under $10. They're nice and wide, and can hold up to 15 pounds, which is more than enough for most small stepladders. If you don't have a large pantry cupboard to mount the hook in, look for other discreet spots where you could hang your stepladder, such as behind a door or on the side of your refrigerator.

Mount a railing on your backsplash

Have you ever wished for a cute railing in your kitchen where you can hang cups, utensils, and décor? Well, you can have one in a few minutes by using two Command hooks (like these specialized ones for curtain rails from Amazon), a curtain rod, and some S-hooks. If you choose an adjustable curtain rod, such as this one from Amazon in brushed nickel, you can customize the length without having to cut the rod. Get those hooks up on the wall, slip the rod in, pop the S-hooks on, and you can hang up anything from mugs to mixing spoons. Just be careful to check the weight limits of the hooks, especially if hanging heavy items like pots and pans. The hooks linked above can hold up to 5 pounds each.

Attach scoops to often-used canisters

If you're always looking for hacks to add more storage in your kitchen, stick Command hooks onto the fronts of your most used food canisters, such as flour bins. This keeps scoops cleaner than storing them inside the container, while still ensuring you have a measuring cup right on hand. The best Command hooks for this job are small, cheap ones, like the swiveling style. Pro tip: Command hooks often come with extra adhesive strips in the pack. If you want to save some pennies, collect these to use with cheaper Dollar Tree hooks.