10 Clever Ways To Utilize Small Gaps In Your Laundry Room For Optimal Storage

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Storage space is a coveted finite resource in every home, and this is especially true in the laundry room. Instead of overloading cabinets and drawers, transform those unused small gaps in your laundry room into valuable storage areas. Before you get skeptical, take a look around your laundry area — you'll likely find several vacant spaces. We're talking about the gaps above and below the laundry machines, between the cabinets, behind the door, even the narrow slit between the dryer and the wall. With some effort and creative thinking, you can make the most of every square inch of your laundry room.

Not only can you repurpose the nooks and crannies but also the unused surface areas in the laundry room, including the walls, the door, the corners, and the ceiling. Yes, even the ceiling can become functional. No space is off limits when it comes to unlocking storage in a busy household, and we're here to help you do just that. Let's dive into the 10 most clever ways to utilize every unclaimed spot in your laundry room for optimal storage capacity.

Place a slide-out storage cart in the gap next to your machine

Believe it or not, there is a way to use the narrow space between the wall and your washing machine or between your two appliances for extra storage. The answer is a slim rolling storage cart. Many versions of this cart can be found on Amazon and in retail stores, so you can find the right size for your space. This freestanding organizer on wheels is just wide enough to fit in narrow unused spaces but also has enough shelf space for cleaning supplies and other laundry room must-haves. 

Install storage shelves above and below your machines

If you have a front-load washer and dryer, you can maximize the empty gaps above and below your machines for extra storage. This one-wall laundry room solution is perfect for small spaces but will require some handiwork. Depending on the size of your space, you can place your machines on a built-in pedestal with enough space below for a set of pull-out shelves, as demonstrated by TikTok user @thebrainandthebrawn. Install some open shelves above your washer and dryer as well, and before you know it, your unused wall space will transform into an all-in-one laundry station.

Hang a tiered organizer over the door

If you're low on wall space, consider using your laundry room door as a storage unit. Place your essentials in a tiered hanging organizer and free up tons of room in your cabinets and drawers. You can find all kinds of over-door hanging storage units on Amazon, including organizers with hooks and towel racks that could be used to air dry items. Plus, these organizers are both affordable and easy to install. If you're looking for a quick and budget-friendly solution to laundry room storage, this is the one to go with.

Add a hidden shelving unit behind the door

As we've now established, laundry room doors are an untapped resource when it comes to storage. This hack involves installing a wall-mounted shelf behind the door for small detergent bottles or other laundry essentials. Unlike the over-door organizer, this shelving unit will be built into the wall space that is covered by the door, so when the door is propped open, it's hidden out of sight. This solution will require some woodworking, as the frame should match the size of the door. The shelves should also be quite shallow so they don't interfere with opening and closing the door.

Install floating shelves with drawers

Got some empty walls in your laundry room? We have a clever two-in-one solution for you: DIY floating shelves with storage drawers. Instead of simple floating shelves, the added pull-out drawer feature allows for maximum utility with minimal surface area. Mount brackets to the wall, install the pull-out drawer, and add a cover to serve as the shelf surface, as demonstrated by TikToker @afinishedhouse. Make use of height in your laundry space by installing the shelves in a narrow floor-to-ceiling formation and keep a fold-up step ladder handy to access the ones out of reach.

Add clothing rods to built-in cabinets

This savvy storage solution is one you may not have considered. If your laundry room has built-in cabinets, consider using the space underneath the cabinet for a drying rack by mounting a clothing rod to the bottom of it. Another option is to suspend the rod between two cabinets. Alternatively, you can install a floating shelf with a built-in clothing rod, like one from Amazon. Depending on the layout of your laundry cabinets, this may be the perfect area to hang your clothes and linens while they air dry.

Built-in shelving next to your washer and dryer

Instead of a single freestanding cart, convert the empty gaps between or beside your machines into storage nooks with pull-out drawers. This valuable space is ideal for built-in laundry baskets. One of these drawers can even be used as a pull-out platform to sort and fold clothing. The convenience of having drawers next to your machines can be a game-changer on laundry day. There are many ways to go about this setup and the results will depend on the layout of your space and the size of the gap you have to work with.

Storage shelves next to stacked washer and dryer

If you have a stacked washer and dryer setup in your home, use the gap between your machines and the wall for a set of open shelves or a closed cabinet. Don't get discouraged if the space is narrow because you can always maximize height. To create this setup, ensure that your washer and dryer are stackable before you attempt to place one on top of the other, otherwise you could risk damaging your machines. You will also need to purchase a stacking kit from your local hardware store for safe installation. 

Mount a drying rack to the ceiling

All surfaces are up for grabs when it comes to laundry room storage, and one we have yet to explore is the ceiling. Instead of using up space for a fold-up or wall-mounted drying rack, consider suspending it from the ceiling instead. There are many ceiling-mounted drying racks available out there. The Ceiling Hanging Drying Rack by George & Willy comes with a pulley system for easy access. They also come in various sizes, like this ceiling-mounted drying rack on Amazon that is especially suited for smaller rooms.

Use corners for shelving

When it comes to underutilized spaces, we'd be remiss not to mention corners. Corner shelving units are a great way to add function to empty space. With DIY experience, you can design a custom built-in storage shelf to suit the size and aesthetic of your laundry room. An easier option would be to purchase a freestanding corner shelving unit, which can be found in a variety of sizes, styles, and price points. For example, the three-tier VESKEN corner shelf from IKEA costs just $8. Alternatively, Home Depot has a gorgeous washed oak corner cabinet for $290.