Turn Old Porcelain Into A Stunning Tiered Storage Solution That Doubles As Decor

These days you can DIY something out of anything, like using an old hanger for trendy toilet paper storage. So why not reimagine your unused porcelain pieces? Many of us have been there: Your cupboards have become too full, and un-useful porcelain items are taking up the majority of space. Rather than getting rid of these pieces, you can turn them into decorative storage that will mirror an inherited a stylish vintage heirloom. That's right —  gluing together old porcelain bowls, saucers, teacups, and mismatched pieces from a set can create the ultimate tiered jewelry and accessory holder. The best part is the project requires little time, some adhesive, and just a dose of creativity (or at least a willingness to try).

Of course, it's not just about getting artsy. If you love sustainable solutions, upcycling your dishware is certainly a good way to get involved. Porcelain is surprisingly durable, considering this decorative material is often saved for special occasions and is perceived as delicate. Made of refined clay, these dishes and cups are forged in very high temperatures. Between the materials and the way they are prepared in a kiln, this makes them extremely durable and dense, the key difference between porcelain and ceramic. Those qualities are ideal for upcycling and great for light storage (car keys, jewelry, spare change, small fruits etc.). And if you have all of the materials on hand, it's free!

Build your tiered tower starting largest to smallest

So where do you start? It's a must to clean your porcelain before building, using gentle soap and water to remove any lingering grime or dust. As you would with any special dishes, avoid using harsh sponges. 

Once you've pulled your porcelain pieces to sculpt, stack them how you assume you might want them to be glued. This will vary with every item, especially if you're combining multiple plates and cups to create levels. It's important to use one of your largest plates or platters as a base, since this will hold all the stacked pieces. TikTok user Lottie Robbie beautifully demonstrated this in their craft-tastic video, proving this process isn't as complicated as you might think.

Once you've decided on a stacking pattern, clean off the base's surface once again, and pick a cup that will act as part of your first tier. This will be adhered with the opening facing the plate, so the bottom of the cup is pointed upwards. This will create a second base for the next plate or saucer. Use epoxy or superglue to connect your pieces, and allow the glue to dry before adding your next level, so that nothing shifts as you're building the platform. The surest way to create a stable, usable storage statue is to include at least three saucers or plates and two cups. The plates ideally would be in varying sizes from largest to smallest, with the cups acting as building blocks to make the piece taller.

Add accessories to store in your new creation

Although you might get wrapped up in the stacking process and aim for perfection, remind yourself to have fun. At the very top, for example, you can get creative depending on what porcelain pieces you have available — don't be afraid to utilize lids and smaller items as the finishing touches. If you only have cups, the very top can simply be an open mug which can hold tiny trinkets.  

Oh, and did we mention your pieces don't have to match? Mixing porcelain patterns can work wonderfully if you have random pieces that don't come from a full set. Try to match colors or designs where you can, or go wild. This is your design, after all! Embracing randomness can work great for a funky room that doesn't require uniformity. 

The design is done and you've glued everything together — now you have somewhere to store all your knickknacks or other important accessories. No matter where you display it (an entryway is one good idea), visitors will admire its vintage and artsy whimsy. And to keep your new accessory looking great, keep a microfiber cloth handy to wipe away dust. This will keep the porcelain looking clean without requiring you to wash it, which could be tricky depending on its size.