Upcycle A Wire Hanger Into A Trendy Toilet Paper Storage Solution

Got a closet full of dry cleaner wire hangers you're not crazy about? These may be too flimsy to hold up to bulkier clothing items, but they're still worth hanging onto. TikTok user Sarah Teresinski shared an exciting idea for upcycling wire hangers: use them to create a cute toilet paper storage solution! This project uses the cardboard tube of the wire hanger, which frees up the wire itself to be upcycled in another project.

This easy DIY just requires a wicker basket and a wire hanger with that cardboard tube. Teresinski suggests picking up the wicker basket at your favorite thrift store, or you could purchase one if your secondhand options aren't catching your eye. You can find natural Hyacinth baskets for less than $15 at World Market. Make sure the basket you choose has a shorter width than the cardboard rod from the wire hanger. Optionally, you can also use wallpaper, paint, or colorful tape to spruce up the design of your hanger rod. In terms of tools for this wire hanger hack, wire cutters will do the trick!

How to turn your wire hanger into toilet paper storage

Start by separating the cardboard portion of the wire hanger from the wire itself. To do so, you'll need to use the wire cutters to create a gap in the wire so you can slip the cardboard off. If you plan to reuse the wire itself for another project, be strategic about where you make your cut. Then, decorate the cardboard to match the design of your bathroom. You could wrap it in wallpaper or colorful tape, or take your time painting a beautiful design. Once it's dry, cut it to be just a couple of inches longer than the width of the basket.

Depending on the weave of your basket, you may need to gently create a hole on either side of the basket near the lip for the cardboard rod to fit through. Be careful making any cuts, since you don't want to compromise the structure of the basket. Slip a toilet paper roll on the rod and attach the rod on each side of the basket through the holes. This is the perfect project for you if you're buying toilet paper in bulk. Fill the basket underneath with your extra toilet paper rolls and place it near the toilet for a multifunctional storage basket and roll holder.

Things to keep in mind with this upcycle

An exciting aspect of this upcycle DIY is that you can easily customize it to fit your space. If a wide wicker basket isn't your style or if the floor space in the bathroom is limited, you can choose a thinner and taller basket or even an upcycled umbrella holder. Let your local thrift store's selections be your guide and measure out your available bathroom space before you get started. All you need to do in order to adapt this project is cut the cardboard to fit the new size! A smaller design might even leave you with extra cardboard for a second holder.

If you're on a mission to reduce waste in your home, you're probably not thrilled at the idea of discarding the wire portion of the hanger. You can use the wire for additional upcycling projects and crafts. Flattening a length of the wire and using the rest as a handle leaves you with a convenient weeder tool. Wire hangers also make great shoe storage. You can even use the wire to create the ideal supports for a wreath or planter to brighten up your front porch with flowers. If all else fails, recycle the wire appropriately at your local scrap metal drop-off, not in your home recycling bin.