Joanna Gaines' Sleek Kitchen Design Idea Will Take Your Space From Bland To Grand

We can never run out of ideas when we have Joanna Gaines' many designs to take inspiration from. One of Gaines' best tips is to add a waterfall island to the kitchen, and when discussing one she has designed, she talks about how the major impact it made. "A waterfall edge extends the countertop material from the top of the island to the floor for a striking visual effect. It's a design choice I made in order to emphasize the material and also create a dramatic impact, turning the island into a true focal point of the kitchen," she said (via Magnolia).

Designing a luxury kitchen is no small feat, but the various approaches you can take ensure it is a fun process. For instance, a color scheme of white and gold can up the luxury. You can also be clever and go for paint colors like rich grays or earth tones to achieve an expensive look in your kitchen without the cost. Islands are another feature that come in various style options, with plenty of choices for adding a chic touch to your design.

A waterfall island creates a sleek focal point in your kitchen

A waterfall island is a type of island where the countertop material is continued down the side of the island. Flowing down like a waterfall, this luxury design feature makes your island even more prominent and allows you to show off your countertop material. Waterfall islands also take on various forms. They can go down one or both sides, be attached to the wall, or have an overhang.

To determine if this idea is right for you, think about what you want most out of an island. "When I'm designing a kitchen for a client, I often begin with the island, thinking through size, function, and form. Even if I plan for an island to be a standout piece that has a slightly different style than the rest of the room, knowing how it needs to serve the client sets the tone," says the Fixer Upper star on her blog. Are you able to give up all the space required for a waterfall island? Are you working with a top-quality material and would you be able to pay for the extra surface area? These questions can guide you.

Manage the cost of a waterfall island to make a big impact in your kitchen

The main benefit of a waterfall island is that it is a bold statement that is sure to take your space from bland to grand. With it, you can display more of your gorgeous slab and achieve cohesion in the space since the countertop connects to the floor. The island looks more anchored in the space, and there is more of a seamless flow visually. You don't have to give up your storage or seats either. Because the extension happens on the sides, you can still have drawers, cabinets, or seats at a waterfall island.

Cost is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a waterfall island. It is typically only done with high-end materials like marble, quartz, and granite because it is a luxe feature and won't have the same effect when used with basic materials. Additionally, it is more costly to install because the connection between the slabs needs to be handled expertly. To save money on this project, The Brain and the Brawn recommend measuring with the utmost care to ensure you cut and use every piece of material effectively. If you can afford the splurge, we think this sleek island design idea is worth it to upgrade your kitchen.