15 Genius Ways To Repurpose Your Toothbrush Holder Around Your Home

If you are redecorating your bathroom or buying new accessories, you may be wondering what to do with your old toothbrush holders. Holders come in a variety of designs, from porcelain and metal cups with grooves to sleek plastic or bamboo travel holders, which are great for compactly toting small objects. They can be used to solve sticky storage problems and make our lives more organized, earning an important spot in your kitchen, on your dresser, or in your bag. Whether you need a new incense holder or a place to stash knitting needles, you will be surprised by their adaptability. 

Not only is this a great use for your old toothbrush holders, but it's also one way to reuse those you may pick up at thrift stores or on clearance, where they can usually be found amongst the dishware or bathroom accessories. Many varieties of toothbrush holders are perfect for reuse, from upright holders to travel cases. Some are even quite beautiful, including vintage holders made of glass or porcelain. Even better, it keeps those materials out of the landfill. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can find all manner of cool DIY uses for them that go far beyond holding your toothbrush. 

1. Bud vase

Toothbrush holders with holes in the top to hold the brushes can easily be repurposed into bud vase holders for small flowers and fronds. Holes will keep the real or faux flowers and greenery in place, making it easier to refill water. Place it on your bathroom counter or shelf. If you like the holder's design, Leave it as is. If you don't, add some paint, twine, rope, or mirrored tiles. If the holder is very lightweight, the water will help to keep it from tipping. If you use faux flowers, just add some sand or pebbles.

2. Bathroom storage

If you don't need your toothbrush holder to store toothbrushes but still want to keep it as a part of your bathroom decor. Remove the portion with the holes, if necessary, and repurpose it to hold other bathroom essentials like razors, cotton swabs, or hair care accessories. This allows you to keep similarly designed sets together — even if you store brushes out of sight to save countertop space. Still, a grouping of small jars and repurposed containers, like leftover candle jars or DIY apothecary jars, looks super stylish when placed together on a tray.

3. Pen holder

Toothbrush holders, especially ones designed to hold several brushes, also work perfectly to keep pens at the ready. They can hold larger items like scissors and markers, too. Leave the holder as is if it has a design you like, or transform it with paint or beading, or wrap it in decorative paper. Place it on your desk or on a shelf with other supplies you need quick access to. Travel toothbrush holders are also great for organizing writing utensils on the go, protecting the contents of your bag or briefcase from marks and leaks.

4. Paint brush holder

Similar to the previous idea, your old toothbrush holder may be perfect for holding paintbrushes in your home studio or craft room. Pick up a few at thrift stores to hold all your brushes, colored pencils, and markers. Because upright holders usually collect moisture in the bottom, they work amazingly to dry brushes — or hold wet ones when working with multiple brushes — preventing countless drips and smears from marring your work or painting surface. You can also use a travel case to safely store brushes in your bag without damage. 

5. Incense holder

If you're looking for an easy way to make your house smell amazing, use a toothbrush holder to hold sticks of incense. Some are even sold as dual-purpose holders, as the sticks' upright position allows the ashes to fall back into the bottom of the container to cool and allows you to easily burn more than one. Add some sand or pebbles to help them stand up. This works best for porcelain or metal holders since plastic ones may be damaged by heat. Travel toothbrush holders also make a great place to store unused incense.

6. Mini shelf

If you live in an older home or vintage apartment, you may wonder what to do with a wall-mounted toothbrush holder above your sink. While you may wish to keep brushes elsewhere or cannot get your brushes to fit in the holes, you can repurpose the holder as a small shelf perfect for holding things like small plants, decor items, or candles. If it's not solid, use a small plank of wood over the cup and brush holes, then place something on top. You can also use it as a raised spot to hold your soap dish. 

7. Knitting and sewing supply holders

A travel toothbrush holder with a lid is perfect for storing small sewing implements like needles and seam rippers that might get lost in a jumble of supplies. Use a tube-shaped holder to store mini-spools of thread. You can also store your crochet hooks or knitting needles in a travel or upright holder. Even better, these holders can often be procured at drug and dollar stores in multipacks, making them great for purchasing as an inexpensive storage means for smaller items in your sewing kit.

8. Swizzle stick holder

Swizzle sticks are a great way to meld functional objects with visual interest, so displaying them creates a perfectly styled look on your home bar. Use a toothbrush holder to hold your collection, whether for plastic stir sticks or a collection of fun vintage swizzle sticks you've collected over the years. Having them on top of the bar, visible and ready, makes it much easier to find them when you need them rather than rummaging in a drawer when you're mixing a cocktail. Place them with other bar essentials like shakers, spoons, and bottle openers.

9. Portable cutlery

A travel toothbrush holder is a great place to store cutlery on the go, particularly if you want to keep your fork from getting dirty in your bag when toting a lunch to work. Alternatively, stow your glass straws inside to keep them from breaking. Many toothbrush holders are wide enough to accommodate a couple of pieces of cutlery and even some rolled napkins. They also work great for keeping used picnic silverware from dirtying other things in your basket before you get home to wash it.

10. Tech storage

We all seem to own more traveling toothbrush holders than we need. If this is you, try storing your chargers and other cords rolled up in a travel toothbrush holder, keeping them wrapped up and preventing them from unrolling in your bag or getting lost. Just coil the charger and slip it inside the casing. Use labels to keep your chargers organized at home or away. These holders are also great for storing cylindrical technology, like batteries you may need while traveling or dead ones you're holding onto until you can safely discard or recycle them.

11. Small planter

If you have a larger holder to repurpose, why not turn this common household item into a cute planter? You could also take it one step further – drilling two holes in the top edges and adding some twine or chain for a hanging pot. Leave the surface of the holder as is, or add some paint to customize it. Some toothbrush holders already have drainage holes for water inside the bottom, making them perfect for adding dirt and releasing water below. Add succulents or another small plant, or fill it with floral foam to hold faux blooms.

12. Glasses repair kit

A travel toothbrush can be great for carrying small hardware to repair eyeglasses and sunglasses without them getting lost. Use it to hold tiny screws, cleaning cloths, and the small screwdrivers required for fixing your glasses on the go. Large cases may also have room for a small bottle of fog-proof solution or cleaning liquid to keep your glasses pristine and clear. Since it's compact, you can keep it in your bag or glove compartment for easy repairs on the go with everything you need in one place.

13. Makeup or cosmetic brush storage

A great way to keep lipstick, eyeliners, and lip pencils from messing up the inside of your purse, travel pouch, or makeup bag is to stow them in a cylindrical toothbrush holder with a lid. It protects the pencils and lipsticks from getting broken, damaged, or lost while preventing messy stains and messed-up tubes. While you can purchase plastic cases designed specifically for cosmetics, repurposing a travel toothbrush holder is far more cost-effective and eco-friendly.  For a free-standing holder, use it to hold makeup brushes on your vanity. 

14. Kitchen shaker

If you use sugar cubes for your tea or coffee, you may be looking for a way to dispense them easily. While most sugar dispensers usually have smaller openings that don't accommodate cubes, the size of many toothbrush holders can be perfect for keeping sugar cubes in for easy dispensing without using tongs or spoons. To get one cube at a time, just tape over the other holes and leave one open. This also works for larger sprinkles or nuts to easily put on top of baked goods or ice cream sundaes. 

15. Toothpick dispenser

If you are looking for an easy dispenser for toothpicks, look no further than your toothbrush holder. This works for small cup holders or those with small holes once meant for toothbrushes, allowing you to keep them sanitary, enclosed, protected, and easy to access. Set the holder on your counter or place it on the table when you have guests. Holders are also great for other small kitchen items like cinnamon sticks on a hot cocoa bar, matches, plastic straws, or a less-expensive stand than those specifically designed for holding skewers at a barbecue.