Increase Closet Space And Organization With This Simple Zip Tie Hack

If you have a large collection of clothes, you know how difficult it can be to fit everything into your closet neatly. This may result in excess garments piling up where they shouldn't be, such as at the top of your closet or stacked on top of bedroom furniture. You might attempt to fold clothes and place them in drawers to combat this, but what about those items that need to be placed on a hanger? Luckily, there is a simple and cheap way to better organize your clothes. If you do not have enough room to hang everything in your closet, you can loop zip ties onto one another from the hook portion of a hanger. Simply place one clothing item through each zip tie loop. This creates a multi-tier hanger that will help you organize your laundry and save closet space.

This hack should free up space in your closet so that you can add other clothing items you may have had to stash elsewhere previously. If you have been looking for a way to organize a small closet, this DIY may be the perfect solution to that problem as well. Using zip ties to create multi-tier hangers will even help you save money. Similar products cost far more than the price of a pack of zip ties. This space-saving closet organization solution is simple, affordable, and customizable, so consider giving it a try.

How to create this zip tie DIY in your closet

To create this DIY, you will need scissors and a pack of zip ties. The zip ties can be purchased from Dollar Tree for only $1.25. You can snag scissors from Dollar Tree as well if you do not already have a pair at home — and let's face it, it's worth having extras as you can't always find them when you need them. Once you have gathered all of your supplies, start by looping your first zip tie onto the hook component of your hanger. Loop your next zip tie onto the one you attached previously. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the number of loops available to hang your items. 

You may want to use fewer zip ties if the clothing items you plan to hang onto this multi-tier hanger are particularly long. This will prevent them from touching the floor. Alternatively, you can create a longer chain of zip ties to hang large batches of shorter items like small shirts or children's clothes. That's one of the best things about this hack — it's very customizable to your available space. Once complete, your DIY multi-tier hanger should look like the example shown in the photo above.

Feel free to use this hack on as many hangers as you want. If you've searched for similar products online, you may have noticed that they are nowhere near as affordable as this $1.25 hack. For example, a pack of similar space-saving hangers is priced at $13.99 on Amazon and only available in one length. In the end, you are not only freeing up extra closet storage space, but you are also saving quite a few dollars.