The Biggest Crystal Mistake You're Making In Your Home

Crystals are sought out for a variety of reasons and uses. They are popular for aiding in healing — whether physically, mentally, or spiritually — as well as manifesting and assisting in personal and spiritual growth. Crystals have been used for an array of reasons for centuries and millennia, according to Crystal Age, with documented use of crystals dating back 30,000 years.

More than just function, crystals are also a great décor addition to your home. That being said, many people who use crystals just for their decorative flare may not know the full potential they hold, or how to properly use them if they do know. According to Parachute, it is important to both know how to cleanse and activate your crystals before use. Different crystals need different cleansing methods, due to their physical properties, and activation is specific to your crystal's metaphysical properties and your intentions. Read on to learn how to properly use your crystals to unlock their full potential.

Cleansing your crystals

One of the most important things to do when you acquire a new crystal is to cleanse it. Crystals handled at stores will retain the energies of everyone who's handled them, so it's necessary to remove their energies to fully make the crystal yours, and fully benefit from its properties. There are some outliers that don't require cleansing, per Parachute, such as citrine and selenite. These crystals can even be used to cleanse others.

Another popular method for cleansing crystals is by purifying them by soaking them in salt water. Be warned, however, that many crystals are not water safe — check to ensure your crystal is beforehand. Crystals that aren't water safe can be cleansed by the moonlight. During a full moon, set your crystals outside or on a window ledge overnight, and move them back indoors before the sunrise.

Another popular method for cleansing crystals is smoke cleansing. While sage has been a popular method for this, it should be avoided if you are not indigenous. According to Bustle, the popularity of white sage and Palo Santo has led to it becoming overharvested and endangered, and in turn unavailable in the indigenous communities it belongs to. Many indigenous communities have asked for people to utilize alternatives to smudge your space, such as incense or herb bundles. These methods are just as effective, and in the case of herb bundles, can be tailored to your specific intention, while being environmentally sustainable and culturally respectful.

Activating crystals and setting intentions

Once you've cleansed your crystals, it's time to activate them and set your intentions. Different crystals naturally hold different metaphysical properties, which can aid in your selection. Rose quartz stones are popular for love, tiger's eyes are often used for attracting wealth, and both clear quartz and amethyst are often used for calming the mind and reducing anxiety, per Healthline. Activating a crystal with your intentions will only help enhance their natural properties and abilities.

According to Parachute, to begin activating your crystal, you should meditate. Find a comfortable, quiet spot where you will be undisturbed, grab your crystals, and close your eyes and let your mind go quiet. If you're having difficulty with this, consider using a guided meditation podcast, video, app, etc. If you have a specific intention, repeat it over in your mind. Sit with your crystal, fully focusing on what you want it to do for you, anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour. Offer gratitude to your crystal, and use it during meditation, healing practices, and rituals. Set it somewhere noticeable, place it under your pillow at night, wear it as jewelry, etc. — whatever will most effectively help you achieve your goal.