Lucy Clark

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Columbus, Ohio
Otterbein University
Vegan Cuisine, Cooking Shows, Coffee
  • Lucy worked in a family-owned restaurant that specialized in vegan cuisine and culture, and learned a lot about the world of food preparation, the restaurant industry, and the vegan community during her time there.
  • She has been experimenting and enriching herself in the vast world of vegan cooking for over five years now.
  • If you have any Gordon Ramsay-related questions, from his shows to restaurants and more, Lucy knows all there is to know.


Lucy began her post-graduate professional writing career with Static Media in January 2022 through House Digest, and she has since expanded to work at Tasting Table. Prior to that, she worked for Quiz & Quill, Otterbein University's literary magazine, as well as Aegis, Otterbein's humanities journal. During her time at the university, she published multiple book reviews at both outlets.


Lucy has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in English Creative Writing from Otterbein University, the quiet peaceful village located in Westerville, Ohio.
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