15 Items You Can Use To Organize Your Bathroom

Organizing a bathroom, whether big or small, is one thing. Keeping it organized is another. It's a place in our homes where we spend much of our time getting ready for our day and winding down from it. So, by having a neat and orderly bathroom, it can positively impact our mood before we head out to work or dive into bed.

Apartment Therapy suggests that the key to having an organized bathroom is to find a home for all of the things you want to store in it. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially if you're working in a confined space. If you have too much stuff, first declutter what you no longer need. Look for expiration dates on medicine bottles and the look or smell of skincare products to easily decide what you can toss. Then it's time to create the organization.

Ahead, you'll find 15 items that will greatly help to maximize the space within your bathroom, keep your things tidy, and make it easy to put them away when you're done using them.

1. A round basket

Round shaped items are best stored in round shaped containers to best make use of the space. Find a round basket that compliments the aesthetic of your bathroom and use it to organize items like toilet paper, paper towels, and rolled bath towels. Place it either at the bottom of the closet or on the floor near the shower or bathtub. Not only will it look decorative, it's also incredibly functional, allowing anyone to reach for what they need when in a pinch.

2. Two-tier pull out drawer

Underneath the bathroom sink is a spot that tends to get cluttered easily, no matter how organized you aim to be. A large part of the reason is the tall yet dark, shallow space that has awkwardly placed pipes. Make the most of the positive attribute and use the vertical space to your advantage. Two-tier pull out drawers allow you to double the amount of stuff you store here and prevent things from getting lost, usually for good, in the back. 

3. Handled bins

Whether under the bathroom sink or in the linen closet, basic bins are ideal to use. For one, they make it simple to sort and organize items by category such as hair, self tanning, and skincare products. It's always a good idea to label them in order to keep everything in its zone. Plus, it makes it easier for anyone in the house to find what they need if products are shared. If you choose taller opaque bins, the visual clutter is hidden. Lastly, choosing bins with handles allows you to slide them with ease to find things.

4. Divided trays

With their shallow and finite dimensions, bathroom drawers can be difficult to keep neat. After taking careful measurements, find a divided tray that will fit the drawer as best as possible. Within the compartments, store items by type such as hair accessories, lip balms, and oral care. The beauty of using trays is not only that they keep your things organized, but they also make cleaning up a breeze. If anything spills, and we know things often do, simply remove the tray and hand wash it. This also avoids staining or destroying the inside of the bathroom drawer.

5. Label clips

Long gone are the days where fabric bins or seagrass baskets have to forgo a label. There are a large variety of clips available now that allow any container, regardless of material or shape, to have a clear label. Use them to let family members or guests know that an extra roll of toilet paper or a clean towel are tucked away inside a nearby basket without having to answer the same question over and over.

6. Acrylic organizers

Clear organizers are becoming increasingly popular in the home organization industry and it's no wonder. They have a durable quality to them and allow you to see exactly what you're storing inside. Whether they are in the form of stackable pull out drawers or lazy susans, opt for acrylic pieces to organize your makeup, fragrances, and hair ties. You can choose to label them to make finding things even quicker and place them under the sink, on the countertop, or even on a closet shelf.

7. Two-tier tray

Trays are a magnificent way to corral smaller, regularly used items on top of any surface. Two-tier trays give you twice as much storage space, which is helpful when you're working in a small bathroom. Use one to organize the products for your morning and evening routines to make getting ready a smooth process. Similar to two-tier pull out drawers, use the bottom layer to stash shorter bottles while reserving the top level for taller ones. Not only does an organizer like this keep the counter clear, it also makes cleaning them much less complicated.

8. Apothecary jars

For items that you use regularly and repeatedly, such as cotton balls, Q-tips, and floss sticks, you may want to consider decanting them into clear jars. Not only will this get rid of the bulky and unsightly packaging, it also looks aesthetically pleasing on your countertop. Choose clear, matching jars with lids to keep the items from getting dusty and to see when it's time to replenish the stash.

9. Floating shelves

When storage space is limited in a small bathroom, think outside the box and look to the walls for help. Installing floating shelves near the vanity or above the toilet gives you the additional surface area you may need to store your everyday products. Keep the visual clutter to a minimum by only keeping the essentials on the shelves. If the countertop is tiny or you have a pedestal sink, consider storing the apothecary jars on a shelf for a decorative, yet functional, look.

10. Caddies

No longer limited to college dorm bathrooms, caddies are excellent organizers for any bathroom. Storing shower products, sorted by type or family member, within the shower itself can make cleaning the shower infinitely easier since all you have to do is remove the caddy and wipe. Use one to also store your cleaning products, mani and pedi supplies, or hair tools under the sink, and tote it to another room if you need to do so.

11. An over-the-cabinet basket

Many bathrooms today lack a medicine cabinet and have narrow drawers if any, resulting in the majority of items being stored under the sink. Aside from using stacking or two-tiered organizers, over-the-cabinet baskets are another genius solution for creating more space. Use them to hold a hair dryer, wash cloths, or anything else you'd like to reach for quickly while at the sink. In addition to baskets, there are also cabinet door hooks and paper towel or garbage bag holders to choose from depending on your needs.

12. Suction baskets with hooks

Shower organization is a project on its own, particularly if multiple members of the house are using the same shower to get cleaned daily. Use multi-purpose baskets that include hooks and suction to the tile walls. Take into consideration what you need to store that can be hung such as razors or loofahs and be sure to choose baskets that have enough space for everything. This keeps all of the shower items as condensed as possible, as opposed to being scattered throughout the shower.

13. A lazy Susan

Very much like round baskets, lazy Susans are optimized when round items are stored on them. Place a small one near the sink to store hand soap, lotion, mouthwash, or any skin care or hair care products that you reach for regularly. Not only will it prevent the countertop from being stained if something spills, a simple spin of the lazy Susan lets you grab what you need even as your hands are busy under running water.

14. A leaning ladder

Let's say that your bathroom is missing shelving such as in a closet and you're not looking to install floating shelves. If so, a leaning ladder is the ideal solution. Place one against an open spot on the wall or above the toilet bowl to make the most of the vertical space. Use it to store extra towels, toilet paper, apothecary jars, or even purely decorative items such as candles and plants.

15. Medicine cabinet organizers

If you're fortunate enough to have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, that's good news for your clutter-free countertop. However, the inside of the cabinet can quickly become disorganized if you don't have a system for it. Use narrow organizers that are specifically designed for the inside of medicine cabinets to contain either like items together or to keep smaller ones, such as sheet masks or eyeliners, from floating around haphazardly.