60 Creative Bathroom Ideas That You'll Love

When it comes to designing a bathroom that you'll love — whether it's a chic black bathroom or a bathroom that you want to be like a wellness retreat — there are a few key aspects that you should keep in mind. "When planning a bathroom, always start with the layout," Yousef Mansuri, Head of Design at C.P. Hart, told Home & Gardens. Mansuri went on to explain that "[o]nce you have your layout and therefore measurements, the exciting part starts — you can create your mood boards and choose your products."

Of course, there are other aspects you'll want to consider, per Homes & Gardens, such as your shower and bathtub as well as the room's lighting and flooring. That's not to mention storage space, towel racks, and heating. Granted, those aren't the only things you'll need to choose during the process of planning your ideal bathroom. In fact, we have plenty of other potential features that will certainly intrigue you and creative bathroom ideas that you'll definitely love!

1. Use penny tiles on the floor

Although you could certainly take the time and effort to tile surfaces in your home with actual pennies, that's not quite what penny tiles are in the world of home design. Instead, they're relatively small tiles that are (unsurprisingly) around the size and shape of a penny and look amazing on a bathroom floor.

2. Put a skylight in your bathroom

Skylights are a fabulous way to let more light into pretty much any room in your home including your bathroom. It's also a way to give you a gorgeous view from the tub without sacrificing privacy — that is, unless you live beside a large building or a lot of low-flying planes go by.

3. Add a corner window

If your bathroom happens to be a corner room in your home, then you can take advantage of that position by installing a cool corner window. With windows set together yet installed on two connected walls, it will almost seem like they're bending around the space.

4. Put up a patterned wood wall

Gorgeous wood is always a fantastic addition to a bathroom — as long as it's a wood that can handle splashes, dampness, and humidity. While there are plenty of ways that you could add wood accents, try putting up angled wood slats that form a stunning pattern.

5. Opt for a range of wood

Filling a bathroom with one kind of wood is certainly stunning. However, using wood in drastically different colors can be another creative way to add an element to your bathroom that's both natural and artistic.

6. Go for glossy tile walls

Using glossy tiles on your bathroom walls is a fabulous way to make the space shine. Stick with one color of gleaming tile or mix it up with two or more for an added creative effect that you'll surely love.

7. Put a plant in your shower

Get two things done at once by keeping a plant in your shower. You'll be able to water the greenery while you wash yourself and also appreciate the natural creative touch to the space.

8. Put a plant in your bathtub

Your shower isn't the only place that can benefit from a plant, the same goes for your bathtub. While it's not a great idea to keep it in the basin where the water will be, a plant would look amazing on the corner ledge of the tub.

9. Turn your bathroom into a plant-filled jungle

Having a few plants in your bathroom is nice. Having a bunch of different plants in your bathroom can turn it into a jungle-like dream space. As an added bonus, plants can apparently help to keep the air in your bathroom clean and healthy, according to Better Homes & Gardens.

10. Opt for a mirror-light

The mirror that you choose for your bathroom is just as important as the lighting. Of course, you can — by opting for a mirror that has a light incorporated into its design — nail both aspects at once. Many also feature smart tech capabilities that you'll definitely appreciate.

11. Cover your bathroom walls with barn board

Whether it's genuine reclaimed material or a newer product that is meant to mimic an older look, barn board is a fantastic style choice. Install the stylish wood on your bathroom walls for a creatively rustic look.

12. Your bathtub doesn't have to be white

Most bathtubs tend to be white or an off-white shade that certainly doesn't stray far from the norm. However, bathtubs actually come in a wide range of colors and finishes that can add a unique aspect to your bathroom.

13. Your bathtub doesn't have to be a typical shape

In the same way that you can get creative when it comes to the color of your bathtub, you can also opt for a tub that isn't the typical shape. Some are sharply angled and shallow while others are designed for a deep soak and have rounded edges.

14. Mirrors can surround your bathroom

Most bathrooms have mirrors above the sink which makes sense. However, you can put mirrors up around the room to create a delightfully stylish effect that can make the space look bigger. The mirrors can either fill each wall or simply be a strip at an attractive height.

15. Add a comfortable chair

There are a few reasons why having a comfy chair in your bathroom is a great idea if you have the space. Along with giving you somewhere to sit if you're doing your nails or curling your hair, it also gives someone else a place to sit if they're visiting you while you're in the tub.

16. Use bold tiles

It's hard to imagine an eye-catching bathroom that simply has boring tiles. Fortunately, you can choose tiles that are bold, beautiful, and like little pieces of art. Consider tiles with pretty patterns and intricate designs that will truly set the look of your bathroom apart in the best kind of way.

17. Create a roughly textured wall

Get creative with plaster (or a similar substance) to create textured walls in your bathroom. Ditch any ingrained tendencies that might lead you to pristine perfection and instead aim for a rough surface that's visually intriguing.

18. Hang up macrame

Macramé can be used in various spots around your home. For instance, you can hang a macramé item in your bathroom that's either a simple piece that's meant to hold a plant by a window or a larger piece that's simply decorative.

19. Use a unique towel rack

Having a towel rack in your bathroom is a handy way to keep your towels easily accessible and give them a place to dry if they're damp. Having a towel rack that enhances the look of the room — thanks to its color, material, or design — is a fabulous way to add another stylish element.

20. Place colored panels on your wall

There are a few ways that panels can be used on your bathroom walls in creative ways. That includes opting for panels in one or two striking colors. If done carefully, they can be installed in a way that works with the shape and features of each wall.

21. Design a mid-century modern bathroom

It is surely impossible not to fall in love with a mid-century modern bathroom that's put together oh-so right. Honestly, how can anyone not adore the charming curves, clean lines, and delightfully sophisticated color? If you love modern minimalism, then it's definitely a look that you should consider.

22. Choose a stone sink

Add another creative touch to your bathroom that also has a natural vibe by opting for a stone sink. Either purchase one that's been pre-carved or choose one that's been cast to the exact size and shape that you want.

23. Install an unusual ledge

Having a ledge in your bathroom can give you a bonus area to display décor or store various toiletries. Of course, you can choose a ledge front and top that are both unusual and beautiful.

24. Add artistic accents

There are plenty of interesting ways to add a wide and wonderful range of artistic accents to your bathroom. That includes incorporating unique pieces into your design that can be placed, hung, or installed in various places.

25. Bathroom wall tiles can be interesting shapes

Most wall tiles are simple squares and regular ol' rectangles, but there are countless other options. Instead, you can opt for tiles that are interesting shapes which can create a stunning look in your bathroom.

26. Put in an elevated window

When you design, renovate, or simply refresh a bathroom, you certainly want your windows to provide you with light and privacy. Putting a window in a higher spot will likely provide you with just that as well as add another visually intriguing touch to the space.

27. Install floor-to-ceiling windows

Of course, if privacy isn't a worry when it comes to your bathroom perhaps thanks to your home's remote location which lacks overlooking neighbors or foliage-filled property, then you can choose windows that are much bigger and lower. In fact, you can install spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows if that strikes your fancy.

28. Install exterior doors

If you adore the idea of floor-to-ceiling windows, then you might want to take it a step further. Install glass doors so that you can fully open your bathroom to the exterior — that is, if your bathroom is on the ground floor or has a balcony.

29. Pick out uncommon lighting

You may want bright lighting in your bathroom that gives you a clear look at your face while you do your makeup or shave, or you may want soft lighting that sets a relaxing mood for when you're in the bathtub. Whatever your aim, you can choose lights that are attractive and artistic.

30. Use contrasting surfaces

Use different and even contrasting surfaces in your bathroom to create an eye-catching detail. For instance, pair a rough wall with a smooth wall and the result will be a dynamic design element that you'll likley love.

31. Your bathtub doesn't have to be a typical material

Many bathtubs are made from porcelain-enameled steel, per The Spruce, and others are made of fiberglass and acrylic. While cast-iron is a "classic" option, you could also check out copper tubs or ones carved out of marble and onyx like Oprah Winfrey's — which is hand-carved to perfectly fit her body!

32. Go for a super-modern vanity area

One of the best ways to make a creative statement in your bathroom is to set up a stunning vanity area that includes the counter space, sink, mirror, and perhaps even towel racks. For a striking style, consider a modern — even tech-filled — vanity that offers you the newest materials, installation methods, and accents.

33. Open up your shower

Shower-bathtub combinations are classic and walk-in showers are wonderful in their own way. Of course, you could also opt for a more open design in your bathroom by installing a doorless shower.

34. Enclose your bathtub

While an enclosed shower can be opened up, you can also do the opposite and enclose your bathtub which is usually more open. By putting up walls, you can create a sauna-like space when you have the hot water running in the same way you might enjoy a steam shower.

35. Let your mirrors shine

The mirror or mirrors that you place in your stylish bathroom can shine thanks to more than their spotless reflection. You can also choose mirror frames that have glimmering finishes in gold, silver, or chrome.

36. Install an interior window

Interior windows may not be something you would have ever thought about without a prompt, however, they're definitely something that you might want to consider. That's because, along with being rather unusual and totally creative, it can also let light into a room that doesn't have an outer window while also making your space look bigger.

37. Add industrial touches

If you've always wanted to live in a converted loft — or do live in one — then you can add (or keep) fabulous industrial touches into your bathroom design. Think along the lines of brick walls, exposed pipes, and metal details.

38. Mix up the marble

Using marble tiles or countertops can make your bathroom look both elegant and luxurious. To use the stunning stone in a creative way, you can use multiple kinds and mix up your marble.

39. Indulge in a sauna

A relaxing bathtub and spacious shower can make your bathroom a dreamy space where you'll love to not only get clean but also unwind. However, you can also take things to the next super-serene level by putting in a sauna.

40. Set it up like a spa

A sauna will certainly make your bathroom feel like it's somewhere to step away from the world and truly relax. You can also add other touches that lend to that same feeling — such as warm, wooden floors and soft lighting  — to create a tranquil spa-like vibe.

41. Use an illusion to your advantage

Illusions aren't necessarily something you think of when you consider your bathroom design, however, they can definitely be used to your advantage. For instance, a large yet completely subtle mirror is a creative way to make this bathroom look twice the size.

42. Put up a modern vaulted ceiling

Vaulted ceilings may seem like the kind of design accent that only tends to appear in larger homes. However, adding a modern vaulted ceiling — with thinner yet boldly defined lines and accentuating lighting — can create a fabulous visual aspect to pretty much any bathroom.

43. A red bathroom can be super-chic

Using red paint in a room can often create a rather intense vibe. However, if you use a softer shade or matte finish along with light details and matching accents in a bright space, red walls in a bathroom can be super-chic.

44. Create a fun effect with clean lines

Simple lines don't have to be boring! When kept clean and used in an almost puzzle-like — dare we say Tetris-like — way, the lines of your counter, sink, mirror, shower walls, door, and tiles can all come together to create a wonderful creative effect in your bathroom.

45. Add a pop of pink

Adding a fun touch of pink to your bathroom can be pretty as well as playful. Depending on how you use the color and what particular shade you pick, it can also be either passive or powerful.

46. Add lighting under elevated elements

Most lighting is installed above our heads. However, it can also be placed lower on walls as well as under elevated elements such as below a bathtub or shower in order to make the space glow in a fabulously unexpected way.

47. Give the toilet its own private space

Have you ever thought about giving your toilet its own little nook, corner, or room? Along with making the space around your toilet cozy, it also allows others to use the tub or sink without bothering whoever's doing their business on the toilet.

48. Set up face-to-face twinning vanity areas

There are certainly benefits to having two separate sinks in your bathroom and the same can be said for having your very own vanity space. If you have room for two, consider setting them up across from each other for a dynamic twinning effect.

49. Beams can create intriguing lines

Beams don't simply have to be horizontal lines across your ceiling — although that's still an attractive option. Beams can also be bent or curved to create intriguing angles. Use a stunning wood or fabulous finish that could be a lighter shade, a darker tone, or an unexpectedly bright color.

50. One room can have different-sized windows

Use an almost artistic design to let plenty of light into your bathroom by installing windows that are of different shapes and sizes. You can also keep some glass clear and opt for stained glass or frosted glass for the other panes to add another interesting element to your windows.

51. Add levels and steps

You merely need a step or two to take the look of your bathroom up a level. By making the surface of your floor different heights in various spots, each aspect of the room — such as the tub, toilet, sink, and shelves — can have its own distinct tier.

52. Use faux brick

If you have an exposed brick wall in your bathroom, then you could leave it as it is, clean it up, or even paint it. If you don't have a brick wall, then you can add a faux one by using wallpaper or tiles that are made to look like brick.

53. Choose fun and funky wallpaper

It's easier than ever to find wallpaper in all kinds of styles, designs, and patterns. From elegant modern paisley to a chic speckled option, you can choose between options that are fun, funky, and wonderfully fabulous.

54. Use fish or mermaid tiles

Bathrooms naturally lend themselves to nautical, lake-like, and beach-inspired designs. That's why fishtail and mermaid tiles can be such a perfect choice for a fantastically themed space.

55. Put in a sleek built-in shelf

Built-in shelves might be something you already have in your living room or home office. However, they're also a great way to give yourself more storage or display space in your bathroom. As large or as little as you like, they can also be painted, be enclosed or left open, as well as have lighting.

56. Set up a boho-chic bathroom

Pair mosaic tiles and natural wood with bamboo baskets and a plant or two to capture a boho-chic vibe. Add locally handmade soaps and embroidered towels to finish off the style to trendy perfection.

57. Go with a gorgeously glitzy vibe

If you want your home to have a glamorous vibe, then your bathroom can certainly reflect that. Indulge in glittering surfaces and expensive(-looking?) accents not to mention a dramatic wall color and dynamic lighting.

58. Install a vintage fireplace

Vintage fireplaces often boast gorgeous carved and inlaid details which will make one a stunning addition to your space. If a real fireplace won't work in your bathroom, then you can still get the same look with a faux fireplace or simply an attractive fireplace mantel.

59. Opt instead for a modern fireplace

If you aren't able to track down a vintage fireplace or the older style doesn't suit your bathroom design, then you could also opt for a modern fireplace. With a range of styles and setups, modern fireplaces can also offer you fancy aspects and safety features.

60. Polished concrete can be cool and calm

Just like brick, concrete wasn't always something that was meant to be seen inside of a home. Yet these days, cool polished concrete can be a stunning addition to your interior and a creative way to add a surprisingly calming element to your bathroom that can even look like marble if done right.