How To Repurpose A Closet Into A DIY Home Office

The closet office, or "cloffice," as some may know it, is not exactly a new idea. However, when the pandemic began in 2020, many people had to pack up their offices or whatever they could carry and begin working from home. This proved to have many challenges, especially for those who lived in tight spaces and may have difficulty focusing when working from the comfort of home. Closet offices quickly became a must-have for city living, but they are likely to stay popular long after the pandemic is over. 

While many professionals have intended to have houses and apartments large enough to accommodate a home office, now many are asking why give up that great space? What would have been an office can now be a guest bedroom, craft room, or even make way for a little one. To create the cloffice of your dreams, follow our tips for creating a functional, comfortable, and chic tiny workspace. 

Install a desk in your closet

First, remove all of the contents from the closet, even the things you think you'll want to have in it later. You want to be working with a clean canvas. Next, you'll need to install a desk. You do not want to be working from a rickety small table and are unlikely to find one that fits the dimensions of your closet. You can DIY or buy this piece, but just be sure to double and triple-check measurements before buying anything. This model from Wayfair is great because it's stable and gives you vertical storage to keep things off of your precious desk space. Wall-mounted desks are also a great option for tiny spaces and can easily be bought, or DIY'd. 

Don't forget the desk chair that will go along with it. If you plan to keep the doors on to your cloffice, you'll need a chair that either tucks completely under the desk or one that can easily be removed and brought back into your daily furniture. If you go with the latter, ask yourself if you'll really honestly be willing to do this every day. If you can't find a proper desk chair that will fit, consider a pouf or ottoman that can easily slide under. 

Add vertical storage to your cloffice

With your desk surface area so limited, you are going to need all of the built-in storage you can get. Vertical storage shelves can easily help you get materials off of your desk, which can also allow for better focus while you work. Laurie March recommends a classic pegboard to hang on at least one side of your closet. This will help you to customize the shelf according to your daily needs and add baskets and hooks as well as shelves. Being able to tailor your closet office to your stages of life is priceless. 

Switch up the type of shelving around your tiny office as well. You don't want to cover the entire space in pegboard because it's likely to create visual fatigue and, well, boredom. You can use any type of materials for the shelving, as long as they're sturdy and can be safely mounted on your wall. Don't worry about matching shelves with the desk — eclecticism is in. 

Give yourself something to look at

One of the main complaints of cubicle workers is the visual monotony of their offices. The last thing you want to do is turn your cozy office into a gray, characterless cubicle. Be sure to include some pops of color and design, so your space doesn't become purely functional, as this is likely to cause sluggishness and boredom. Especially if you are in a creative field, you need a space that inspires. Here are some tips for adding visual interest to your tiny home office: 

Choose a new paint color: greige is great for pairing with anything, but your office needs to be a unique, striking place. Find a color that soothes or stimulates you. Yellow is great for making you feel energetic and inspired, while deep greens and blues can be calming. 

Add a mirror: as the folks at My Move say, adding mirrors to any space can make them feel larger. The reflective helps to bounce light, making the closet feel brighter and roomier. Plus, you can easily check your hair before jumping on a zoom call. 

Add objects that spark joy: whether you've got a cheeky sculpture or favorite painting, your closet office is the perfect place to display them. Etsy seller WeekendPoster creates stunning midcentury, minimalist movie posters of all of the classics, which will look great on any office wall.