30 Apartment Balconies That Are Small But Gorgeous

Having any outdoor space is considered a luxury by many renters and apartment owners, so if you've got even a tiny balcony, you should be taking advantage of the area. By bringing your sense of style to your tiny balcony, you'll create a space that you can truly enjoy as much as your living room or bedroom. Per WebMD, spending time outside can reduce anxiety, improve focus, boost your creativity, etc. So, spending even 20-30 minutes outside enjoying your tea, reading a book, or taking a work call can make a big difference in your everyday life.

While you may feel like you don't have enough room to really relax once you're outside, you will be surprised by how inviting, soothing, and luxurious a space you can create with just a little inspiration and some know-how. This list of 30 gorgeous and small apartment balconies will have you rushing to clear off your tiny balcony to make way for your new favorite place to enjoy the little things in life.

1. Stow-away desk and cozy bench seating

Murphy tables are wall-mounted desks that can be propped up or lay flat against the wall, allowing you to easily work from your laptop or stash a glass of wine to enjoy in the evening. 

2. Seating for one

You don't need a full patio set of furniture to create a comfortable space. A cushioned chair and a matching table are all you need for a relaxing balcony. 

3. Bohemian bench seating

It can be hard to find full sets that fit on your tiny balcony, which makes bench seating a great option as it can more easily be customized to fit your outdoor space. Then, add pillows to dress it up.

4. Cozy day bed

Enclosed porches offer year-round sunlight exposure and can be perfect distraction-free spaces when you just need to get away for a little while. Consider using a small air mattress or cushions to create a luxe bed. 

5. City meets countryside

As seen in this stunning photo, potted plants can quickly make your concrete jungle balcony into a lush garden area. Be sure to include at least one spot for you to sit and enjoy your new space, though.

6. Lush privacy curtains

Adding sheer curtains to your balcony offers extra privacy and much-needed sun protection during the warmer months, all while making an outdoor space feel cozier.

7. An outdoor reading nook

If you need a place to sip your coffee and catch up on the newspaper, placing a chair in the corner of your tiny balcony transforms the space into a reading nook for one. 

8. Narrow walled balcony

Even if your balcony is totally closed off, you can still bring the beauty of nature into your space with some potted plants. Just be sure you can reach all of the pots to give them water. 

9. Balcony sectional seating

Rather than a bistro table and chairs, consider lining the walls of your balcony with bench seating and plenty of cushions. If you're lacking stable surfaces, consider breakfast trays and accent tables. 

10. Minimalist color use

By using color sparingly, as seen in this lovely photo, you can make a space feel more serene and uncrowded. Use metallic accents to add glamor. 

11. Courtyard-facing mini balcony

Adding a privacy screen makes your balcony a more relaxing space by blocking out prying eyes and gives the outdoor space a feeling of being an extension of your apartment. 

12. Hanging macrame seating

A hanging seat is a playful accessory that can be anchored from a ceiling or beam, taking up less precious room on the floor with legs. 

13. Relaxing vignettes

Make sure your balcony space looks comfortable and inviting from inside your house. Otherwise, it can be hard to remind yourself to stand up and walk outside a few times each day. 

14. Mixing shapes and materials

Playing with square and round silhouettes makes an outdoor space feel more dynamic and more lived-in. Using a combination of wood, metal, fire, and plant elements really helps to tie feng shui into your balcony. 

15. Create your own views

Even if your balcony doesn't have a stunning vista, give your balcony an upgrade by creating a focal point. Whether that's a table or flower display, you want furniture placement and color palettes that bring your eyes to a central point. 

16. No garden? No problem.

High-quality astroturf can make your balcony feel more soothing and less confined to the greys and beiges of the city. Add flowers and green plants around the perimeter to create a soothing, no-grass-necessary garden. 

17. Ergonomic mid-century seating

While you may not see hard plastic chairs as inviting, consider the ergonomic designs of mid-century chairs. These sleek plastic chairs are not only comfortable but easy to clean off and more durable during inclement weather.

18. French bistro at home

Using wire bistro chairs and a black and white color palette will make your balcony take on the personality of a French cafe corner. 

19. Creative shelving

Using found objects and easy DIYs is an excellent way to create unique, custom shelving for your apartment balcony, as this Instagrammer did with a bike basket and wood slab. 

20. Defined and cohesive aesthetic

As this Instagram user shows, it's a great idea to reflect on your home's interior design and try to infuse the balcony with those same design principles.

21. Minimalist enclosed balcony

Lean into the existing elements in your outdoor space. Instead of hiding away industrial elements like wire fencing, incorporate them to make the area feel customized.

22. Cheery bohemian balcony

Using plants to give your apartment balcony some special pops of color is a great idea, especially as you can easily modify your patio's palette as the seasons change.

23. Use color carefully

By using a mostly neutral palette, you allow any bright colors to really pop, just like these cobalt pillows and vertical fencing show. Consider concentrating the colorful items on one balcony area for an aesthetically pleasing focal point.

24. Whimsical tiny patio

To keep playful palettes and design aesthetics cohesive and non-cheesy, use visual motifs, like the bunny rabbits seen above.  

25. Tiny balcony zen garden

Creating a space to relax doesn't mean you need a lush sectional. On the contrary, this balcony zen garden is the perfect place to meditate, destress, and unwind.

26. Using textured materials

Especially if you have an enclosed space, you can really get wild by adding cushions and lush fabrics like mohair, velvet, wool, and suede.

27. Romantic tiny balcony

The vertical garden wall and hanging swing seat make this cozy space feel like a dreamy scene from The Secret Garden. This is a great space to enjoy a cup of coffee during the day and a glass of red wine at night.

28. Dining al fresco on your balcony

Use your outdoor balcony as a dining area during the spring and summer. Whether it's just a piece of toast or a four-course meal, eating outside just makes everything taste better.

29. Bold patterns and big plants

Don't shy away from the colors that make you happiest. This Instagram user's photo shows that bright colors can still look sophisticated and cohesive on your apartment balcony.

30. Making use of accent pillows

By using cloth chairs and accent pillows, this space is deliciously cozy. Best of all, accent pillows can be changed out with different covers based on the season and even your mood.