History Lovers Will Want To Check Out This 18th Century Maryland Home

A historic Maryland home sitting on over 160 acres of property has hit the market with an asking price of $6 million. Also referred to as Bellefields, it's located in horse country and offers plenty of space for those who have a passion for horse riding and other equestrian pursuits, as you can see on Zillow. The original brick home was built in 1715, making it just over 300 years old.

The home and property have lots to offer potential buyers, not only for luxurious living but also in terms of income and revenue. Aside from the large historic main house, the listing notes the purchase includes five parcels of land, two lots, and three residential homes that can be rented monthly. Combined with the vast amount of land and the stables, there is plenty of potential for horse boarding or even turning the property into a bed and breakfast or vacation rental. The home and property are in impeccable shape, and ready for new buyers to take over.

A look at Bellefields estate

As mentioned previously, this 160-acre property is ideal for those who have a passion for horse riding and equestrian care. The vast amount of land and nature surrounding the original main building offers plenty of room for horses to roam and run and plenty of grounds to ride them. Those interested in the historic estate should note, though, that all livestock, including horses, do not come with the purchase. The property is also just under 15 miles away from Interstate 95, making it an ideal stop for people road-tripping either as a vacation or for transporting horses, and in turn, making it much more valuable for boarding or rental services as you can view in the Zillow listing.

Aside from the practical uses of the land, it is also quite gorgeous, offering a private view of northeast nature. The land is gated and fenced around the property, making it exclusively accessible by the owners and guests. While most trees have been cleared for function, it makes it look all that more charming and pastoral. There is also a pond spanning nearly four acres large on the property.

Inside the Maryland residence

The home has a formal access point through the foyer but is informally entered through the combined kitchen and informal dining room. According to the Zillow listing, the main home built in 1715 has a whopping nine bedrooms and seven bathrooms and includes over 6,000 square feet of living space.

The kitchen is very large, with tile floors, yellow walls with crown moldings, and warm wooden doors and windows. There is a brick wall along one side with a mix of modern and antique features, including a built-in microwave, two modern ovens, and what appears to be a vintage log-burning oven. An alcove in the brick discreetly tucks away the electronic range stovetop.

The rest of the kitchen has wood counters and cabinets with what appears to be granite countertops. There is absolutely no shortage of storage in this kitchen; the counters are only broken up by the dishwasher, wood front fridge, and sink. There is plenty of room to add an island if you really need to; the listing photos show an eight-person, oval dining table sitting in the middle of the kitchen with room to spare.

More of the historic house

The rest of the home has an incredibly beautiful, charming historical feel, but with necessary updates for modern convenience — just like the brick wall in the kitchen. For example, just off of the kitchen is a laundry room with new, top-of-the-line machines, a sink, and plenty of storage, discreetly tucked away but easily accessible.

The formal dining room is next to the kitchen and has gorgeous wood floors, wallpaper with a delicate black and white fruit pattern, and a beautiful brass and glass chandelier. There are two large, white-trimmed windows that let in plenty of natural light and give the room a bright and airy feel.

The living room, hallways, and parlor also have a light and bright feel, with the same wood floors, lots of tall and deep-set windows, and light wall colors and matching schematics — pink in the foyer and hallway, yellow in the living room, and light green in the office. Chandeliers and other ornate, historical accents decorate the home, such as the stunning dark wood banister on the spiral staircase, pictured above, as seen on Zillow.