Here's Where You Can Visit The House From A Nightmare On Elm Street

Who would willingly go to the set of one of the scariest known movies? A lot of people, actually. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a horror film about teenage friends who are terrorized when they sleep by Freddy Krueger — an entity with a glove made of razors that attacks them in their dreams. According to Rolling Stone, the film made more than $2 million in its first week after its release in 1984 and $10 million from rental purchases.

Courageous fans can visit the home on Genesee Avenue in West Hollywood — not on Elm Street, according to POPSUGAR. Unfortunately, you cannot tour the inside, as it has just sold for about $3 million, according to NPR, which isn't too much of a letdown, as the interior and exterior have been updated from its original depiction in the horror film. Despite that, it may still be interesting for fans to see the home as they pass by and explore the area where Freddy Krueger chased down his victims.

A Dutch colonial masterpiece

The exterior of the home still has the beautiful green color that was seen in the movie, as per Mansion Global. Although once depicted as a frightening residence, the Dutch colonial residence now appears warm and welcoming. The lantern light at the entry brightens up the entire front porch and highlights the white columns and brick pattern. The green roof paneling also complements the white paint seen on the rest of the exterior. As you make your way to the backyard, you'll see a rather large pool as well as a spa area.

The interior has three bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Entering the front door, you'll see an entrance carved into a circular shape that leads to the dining room. Similar entries are seen throughout the home, which has a consistent color pattern of yellows and grays. This can be seen best displayed in the kitchen, where there is a unique, round, yellow countertop with gray seating that stands by a circular glass table. These colors are nicely complemented by the walnut flooring seen throughout the home.