Juliana Lumaj

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Boston, MA
Eastern Michigan University
Designing Homes, Real Estate Research, Finding Budget-friendly Décor
  • Juliana was a junior interior designer for a well-established design company in Michigan.
  • She played a crucial part in renovating several homes, satisfying a wide array of her client's needs and wants with her ability to create a harmonious design.
  • Bargain-hunting is like a sport for Juliana, and friends and family often come to her for advice on designing a room on a budget.


Juliana started on House Digest as a writer, covering everything from interior design tips to breaking real estate news before working her way up to an editor position. She started her reporting journey as an intern for MLive, where she covered various topics, such as crime, city council politics, and features on prominent local figures. Later, she completed stories for print editions and fact-checked multiple articles as an editorial intern for Hour Detroit magazine, providing her with more experience in quality control and editorial management.


Juliana Lumaj obtained a bachelor of science degree from Eastern Michigan University. She majored in journalism and minored in political science.
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