15 Happy Paint Colors That Will Lift Your Spirits

Everywhere you look, you see multiple colors in various shades that all have an impact on your mood. Warm colors such as yellow and orange can brighten your disposition, while cool colors such as blue or purple can influence creativity but can also indicate sadness, according to 99designs. Using lighter pastel colors in your space can lift your mood and make you feel more optimistic.

Colors are powerful in how they communicate, states Verywell Mind, especially when they're associated with warning signs. For example, red represents stopping at a stoplight or flashing light for emergencies. When deciding which colors to paint your space, opt for the ones that will make you feel better after a rough day. You can use different colors in each room to feel the energy they exude when you walk into any space. Here are stunning paint colors you can use to boost your mood and overall productivity.

1. Lilac

Lighter shades of purple like lilac can create a sense of calmness in any room you decide to use the color in. The pastel color will brighten up any space and should be used with minimal colors when decorating, such as white, beige, or gray. Although, the less color you pair with the lilac, the more you'll feel its calming effect.

2. Dusty pink

A pastel pink can also create a calming feeling in a room since it relates to love and kindness. Things that make people happy come from love, which can be seen more on Valentine's Day. If you paint your room a soft pink, you'll feel more relaxed, but stay away from dark hues of pink because those are known to aggravate folks.

3. Pastel yellow

For a sense of cheerfulness in your space, using pastel yellow on your walls will brighten things up and make you feel more optimistic. We naturally get energy from the sun, which is associated with the color yellow, so painting your rooms a lighter shade of the color will inject liveliness into your veins. It'll instantly lift your spirits in the morning when you see it. Pair it with other warm colors such as purples and reds, so it doesn't strain the eyes too much.

4. Sage green

Green resonates with feelings of relaxation and serenity that will make a great addition to your space. Painting with sage green creates an earthy environment, which, in nature, is associated with peacefulness, so you'll feel calm around the color. It should be used with neutral hues such as brown or beige to keep the theme of nature, or you can pair it with white to balance the cooler shade.

5. Orange

For an energy booster, painting your walls orange can definitely bring you vitality and optimistic feelings when you see it. Although it can be an intense color, depending on the shade you use, opting for lighter varieties won't make your space feel as harsh. It's a controversial color that people either love or hate, but it can be an excellent accent hue. Pairing it with neutral colors such as brown can make a room look more sophisticated yet still emit energizing feelings.

6. Sky blue

To be rejuvenated, using sky blue in your space will make you feel just that. Any lighter tones of blue can create a sense of calm in your room, whereas using darker shades of the color can make you feel sad. Sky blue is bright and cheerful, just like the sky outside. You can mix it with pinks, whites, or cotton candy colors to make the space stand out or neutral colors for a subtle effect.

7. Peach

The perfect color to use if you're looking for a light shade of orange is peach. It's soft and repeatedly used during spring and summer, which are happy seasons, so you can add it to your home to boost your mood. Peach can be paired with darker shades of green to balance out the light color or white to make it the main focus of the room.

8. Beige

Any neutral color, such as beige, makes any room look sophisticated and clean, but it can also make you feel calm. It won't overwhelm you like darker colors such as black; instead, you'll feel relaxed and at ease around it. You can pair beige with other neutral colors such as white to make the space brighter or use it with a pop of blue hues to add some personality.

9. Bright pink

If you're not into pastel colors, using a brighter shade of pink can still give the same feeling of calmness. Even though darker shades can overwhelm some folks, sticking with a medium one can bring a sense of creativity and joy. You can pair it with gold accents for a sophisticated outlook on your room or use it with a mix of other colors such as green or yellow for a fun combination.

10. White

If your house has gorgeous natural lighting, painting your room white can create a dreamy and calming feel, especially around golden hours. The sun will fill your space with soft yellow light and make the area reflect the sunset, bringing happy feelings. You can pair white with any color and use them as accent pieces, so they don't steal the spotlight from the walls.

11. Violet

For a darker shade of lilac, using violet can boost your mood since it's known to be associated with creativity and mystery. It can also make you feel relaxed, which can help alleviate stress. Mixing violet with neutral colors such as gray or white can make it stand out, so it doesn't clash with other bright colors in the room, such as red, blue, or green. For a unique look, you can use lighter shades of purple, in the form of décor items or furniture, with violet to create a monochromatic look.

12. Turquoise

Turquoise can be refreshed just like any other lighter shade of blue, but it can also emit feelings of energy and joy. Painting your room turquoise will make you feel like you're at the beach if you decide to decorate it with accent colors such as white and red for a nautical theme. To keep it classy, you can stick to white and gray.

13. Gray

Gray is always seen as a depressing color, but it can bring tranquility with the correct shade, such as a light gray. Using gray in a room with great natural lighting can make the room feel airy and relaxing, with the light hitting the walls. It's a perfect color to use when you want to decorate with bolder furniture pieces such as a blue or green couch. Using white or beige shades, you can always keep it a neutral theme.

14. Mint green

Mint green is just a pastel green that can bring calmness to your space and make you feel relaxed. It's bright and fresh and can remind you of mint-flavored gum, which is always refreshing, so using it in your home can definitely make you feel happy. Since mint green is a muted color, it's best to pair it with neutral colors such as white or gray to keep the focus on the shade. You can use white furniture or décor items to keep the room bright and clean.

15. Brown

Some folks wouldn't claim brown as a mood booster, but using it the right way can make you feel optimistic and calm. Look into using various shades of brown together to get a good balance between light and dark. You'll be able to keep the monochromatic look with the brown color and spruce it up with different furniture pieces. If you don't want an all-brown decorated room, you can pair it with earthy tones such as green and orange to give it a pop of color.