Katie Saro From The Art Of Vintage Talks Tips On The Perfect Artwork For Your Home - Exclusive

Artist and designer Katie Saro of the Magnolia Network's "The Art of Vintage” knows all about interior aesthetics and sensibilities. As such, she's hip to the fact that shopping for artwork for your home isn't always so simple. Oftentimes, one can purchase a painting that seems to complement a room in their house, only to throw their interior design scheme into disarray. 

For this reason, Saro stresses not overthinking things and always purchasing art that speaks to you, regardless of where it will be in your space. "Above all, I think you should never attempt to match the art to your home. Art should exist in of itself as something beautiful," Saro explained in an exclusive interview with House Digest. "It doesn't need to have a function, like matching the colors of a room or matching a couch, being in a theme. So, don't try and match the rest of your room — just find something that is beautiful to you and if it doesn't match, all the better."

Where to buy original and vintage art

As an accomplished painter in her own right, perhaps it's not surprising that Katie Saro recommends that homeowners put real thought into where they procure art and décor. Although there is plenty for sale on the shelves of home goods stores, and even discount retailers, the authenticity in acquiring real pieces is something that you can't put a price tag on. "I think it's always best to buy art from the artist if you can afford it and if you want to make an investment in it," Saro shared. "And if you can't, finding vintage art is a great way to get really beautiful art at a low cost."

Of course, anyone who frequents art galleries and supports local artists knows that investing in the real deal can be very expensive. Thankfully, there are probably plenty of places where you live where you can find amazing artwork without breaking the bank. "You can look at thrift stores, eBay, Goodwill, those kinds of things," Saro continued, adding that she prefers vintage original art to buying prints to display in her home.

Sourcing art with meaning

Naturally, very few homeowners have the cash to display original paintings by the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci or Vincent van Gogh in their home. However, sometimes the artwork that resonates with us the most isn't made by a famous artist, but someone close to us. "I have a painting that my grandmother did of her house. When I was a little kid, I used to hug the painting, as if it were my grandma when I missed her," Saro revealed. "I don't know if it was an especially great painting, but of course, having a painting by someone that you love is very special." That adds a uniqueness to your space, too.

To that end, people with friends and family that are artists should take advantage of knowing someone that creates beautiful pieces. Not only can investing in their work provide vital resources to the artist, it can also pay off in dividends for your home's interior. "I do collect art pieces from artists that I know to have beautiful souls because every time I see their artwork, it reminds me of them and who they are," Saro added.

You can catch Katie Saro on the premiere season of "The Art of Vintage" on Discovery+, streaming now.