The Least Expensive Nursery Furniture At IKEA

Preparing for a baby can often be expensive. From clothes and toys to bottles and food, the costs can quickly add up. But one of the largest expenses for a new baby is creating a nursery. Filling an entire room with baby furniture can feel like an overwhelming task. But before buying anything for your nursery, Newton Baby suggests planning the layout and taking into account how much space you have. You'll want to keep most pieces away from heat sources, vents, windows, and doors, as well as outlets, power cords, and light switches.

But regardless of the space you have, essential baby furniture includes a crib for the baby to sleep in, a dresser or wardrobe to store clothes, and a changing table to change diapers. Many parents try to balance the cost of the furniture with the quality and safety of the product. These nursery items from IKEA's SMÅGÖRA line are the lowest in price for their furniture type, but are they worth the purchase?

SMÅGÖRA shelf unit

It's no secret that kids have a lot of things, so proper storage is a must. At only $34.99, the Smågöra shelf unit provides a flexible storage option that can grow in use as the child grows. It can easily store books or toys or essential items like diapers and toiletries. According to the IKEA website, the shelf can also be placed on the floor, hung on the wall, and can stack on each other to create a customizable shelving unit.

The reviews are overall positive, with four customers rating the shelf 5 out of 5 stars. Those 5 stars transferred into each category — ease of assembly, value for money, product quality, appearance, and works as expected, as well. Previous customers have said that the product is sturdy and easily hangs on the wall. The simplicity of the piece allows for flexibility to use in a nursery as you need, and the lower price point is great if you need to purchase multiple units.

SMÅGÖRA changing table

Also from the SMÅGÖRA series, there's this changing table with built-in storage underneath. At $89.95, this item is a pretty good deal for parents looking to furnish a nursery. The changing table rises to a comfortable height for parents, so you won't have to bend far over. The piece also provides two shelves below for practical storage of essentials like diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. As the child gets older and doesn't require diaper changes, the changing table can be removed to convert it into a shelf.

On the IKEA website, the changing table has good reviews, with three customers rating the piece an overall 4.7 stars out of 5. Previous customers say that product quality, value for their money and the piece working as expected are among the top features. The SMÅGÖRA is made with non-toxic materials and rounded edges for safety. To prevent tip-over injuries or more severe accidents, the piece should be secured to the wall with the included hardware.

SMÅGÖRA wardrobe

The SMÅGÖRA wardrobe has traditional details along with a clean white design that allows it to fit in easily with any nursery decor. At $179.99, the wardrobe seems to provide parents with a bang for their buck. The wardrobe is deep enough to hang adult-sized hangers, so you shouldn't have a problem storing baby clothes, and the piece can easily be used into childhood and even older. Inside, there are also two adjustable shelves to customize the layout to your needs.

The reviews are positive, with six people rating an overall 5 out of 5 stars, according to the IKEA website. Customers say that the product quality, appearance, and value for money are the top qualities of the wardrobe. As with other SMÅGÖRA series furniture, IKEA ensured the surfaces include non-toxic materials and the corners are rounded for safety. However, there is a tip-over warning for the SMÅGÖRA wardrobe, which sites the piece can result in injury or death if the piece falls. Attaching the piece to the wall according to the included assembly instructions can prevent tip-over accidents.