The Best Dupe For Those Expensive Designer Knot Pillows On The Market

The latest décor trends have been cohesively beautiful and playful, but the price tags are out of reach for most of us. However, you can always find budget-friendly options if you look hard enough. Knot pillows have been the latest trend and were initially created by Icelandic Designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir, according to Bearaby. As she experimented with weaving fabric tubes together, she eventually tied the tubes into knots, which are now used as knot pillows to create stylish casual areas. It's a comfy décor piece made of wool and acrylic with a polyester filling, per Design with Reach. The caveat? It's $145.

Most of our budgets cannot comprehend a $145 pillow, but luckily they don't have to! Since becoming a popular trend, different versions are available at much more reasonable prices. We've found a few affordable dupes to help make sure you don't miss out on such a fun décor piece.

Two trends in one

The Soft Knot Pillow Ball Round Cushion Pillows are not only beautiful, but also very soft, and only $36 on Amazon. This is an interesting option, as this product satisfies two trends with one item. It comes in many colors and is made of soft lamb wool, with a similar texture to the teddy bear trend. The teddy bear trend has been popular in home décor recently, as the fabric looks identical to that of a stuffed animal, which creates a cozier environment, according to Furnwise.

This product comes in three sizes: 8.7-inches, 11-inches, and 13.8-inches (prices vary by size). The knot is formed in a spherical shape and can be placed in whatever room you'd like for an added touch of comfort. It doesn't have to be used as décor but can also be utilized the same way as a standard pillow. This product is also handmade, so you're better off hand washing it.

Pillow-shaped knot

Unlike the other knot cushions that are typically round, the Handmade Knot Pillow is shaped like an actual pillow. This one costs a bit more at about $48, but it is pretty large. This product is 18 by 18-inches and comes in three colors: pink, white, and gray. This handmade product is filled with polyester and, like the other product, will look adorable in whatever room you place it in. You can spot clean this knot pillow or machine wash it on a gentle cycle and at low temperatures.

Other similar options, such as the Handmade "Sophia" Velvet Square Knot Pillow, will come in this square shape. The velvet texture gives it a unique look compared to the other styles, and it comes in several colors, such as copper, gray, and cream, which can be a great fall combination. A pink and navy option is also available and can go along with most décor schemes.