The Best Paint Colors For Your Home If You're An Aquarius

Aquarians have many traits, as you can see with a quick glimpse at this article from Times of India, but it is how those traits are affected by certain colors that matter here. If you were born under this sign, you may be curious as to which colors would best suit the rooms in your home and give you the most benefits.

Whether you're looking for a happy color that will help enhance your already enthusiastic and optimistic outlook, a calming shade to help you stay focused so you can continue to be the self-reliant person you prefer to be, or a unique hue to show off your creative and individualistic side, we have four different colors that are sure to bring a twinkle to your eye, whether you paint your bedroom, office, bathroom, or living room with them. In addition, each color offers a little something that your zodiac sign is sure to get behind and find healthful benefits from.

1. Rich reds

While each sign of the zodiac has multiple crystals that enhance their good traits, the main birthstone for Aquarians is garnet, which makes it an excellent color option for your home. Prokerala says that garnet will bring love to Aquarius, among other things. Much like Racked points out, red is also a power color long associated with wearing red ties to business meetings and job interviews.

With just these two key elements of this color, it makes sense for Aquarians to use red in two specific places in their home — a red bedroom is sure to spice up your love life and a red home office will motivate you for successful workdays. Look for deeper shades of red that have a garnet feel to them. The richer and darker the color, the more relaxing the room will feel. You definitely don't want the red walls to spark anger when you're trying to snuggle or do your work!

2. Bright blues

While not a water sign, the water bearer definitely lends itself to an affinity for blue hues. In fact, eAstroHelp says that light blue is a lucky color for Aquarians. It's also your spirit color and can help bring success into your life. Blue is a relaxing shade when it comes to color psychology, as VeryWellMind points out. Its tranquility makes it an excellent shade for bedrooms and even bathrooms (imagine bright light blue walls to look to as you soak in a relaxing tub of lavender oil).

Because it is also a success-enhancing color, as eAstroHelp says, you could consider this for your home office as well. One more place to consider blue hues is in your meditation or yoga room since it is your spirit color and will help you connect to your inner voice (as it is the color of the throat chakra). Aim for bright and light blues and avoid dark tones.

3. Purple perfection

Amethyst is another crystal that is considered a birthstone for Aquarians. Times of India also says that this color is a lucky one for the water bearer. Because of amethyst's connection to the crown chakra, it makes for an excellent purple color choice for places where you need to use your head — like in your home office. Purple hues will also help you with communication, so even something as simple as a purple accent wall to face while you're sitting at your desk can help your days be more successful.

Times of India also points out that amethyst is for non-conformists — purple is a perfect color for your living room, where plenty of people may visit or pass through. It allows you to show off your Aquarian uniqueness. According to Color Psychology, purple is a calming color — that makes it a great choice in bedrooms and even bathrooms where you want that relaxing atmosphere.

4. Yummy yellows

Times of India says that psychedelic colors are perfect unconventional shades for the fashion-forward Aquarius. Listed as a traditional Aquarian color by Horoscope, yellow is not only a complementary shade to our previous purple, but it is also a bold choice that Scheme Color lists as being psychedelic. While not for everyone, yellow accent walls will still add some fun to your home.

Color Psychology says that this bright and bold shade of the rainbow is associated with logic and intellect. It's also a cheerful color that can bring you much happiness. Because it helps with creative focus, yellow is a great color choice in home offices and craft rooms — or even in the dining room, if that's where you get your work done. To add more cheerfulness to your home, use yellow in the living room or den so that the warm glow of the sun can bring joy to all who enter your home.

5. Wonderful whites

Want a more traditional and minimalistic home? You're in luck. eAstroHelp lists white as a lucky color for Aquarians. A color that brings about calm, helps enhance mental clarity, and can even help combat anger issues, white could work in nearly any room of your home. If white isn't creative enough for you, consider an accent wall in a room filled with one of the other colors on this list.

If you're ready with the bucket of white paint, use this color in your bedroom to help you relax at night, and even to help keep arguments out of the bedroom. Use it in your office space to help you stay more focused at work and tap into your intuitive side. White is also an excellent option if you have a meditation space in your home, where it will do well with all of its calming and enhancing traits.