The 5 Best Crystals For Your Home If You Need To Open Your Crown Chakra

Connecting with your crown chakra is a great way to bring more wisdom into your life and release old memories. Located at the top of your head (which is why it is called the crown), Yoga Journal says that an imbalance of your body's energy in this area can cause problems with your physical coordination and diminish your ability to mentally focus.

While there are many ways to balance each of your chakras, you may want to consider collecting appropriate crystals to aid in this matter as well. You can enjoy the crystals on their own, keeping them close to you while bringing your hands together in chakra aligning mudras for a meditation. Crystals can also be integrated into yoga positions.

Before you head to the local new age store for a pile of random crystals, it's helpful to know which will work best to help align your crown chakra. This chakra is associated with the color violet, so most of the crystals will be in purple hues. Clear and white crystals also work because, as Spiritual Unite mentions, an activated crown chakra is known to glow white.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most readily available crystals out there, making it an easy one to find at any rock shop or metaphysical store. It's not only a great option for your crown chakra but it can also be used to help balance your third eye.

Truly points out that clear quartz is known as a master healer because it amplifies other energies, including those of other crystals. Use your clear quartz on its own or with other crystals from this list during meditations by either holding them in your hands while you sit and meditate or by keeping one at the top of your head if you're lying down.

Be sure you're getting an actual stone, as clear sea glass can resemble clear quartz. Truly says you'll recognize clear quartz because of its ability to magnify and distort things. Do a quick test by running the crystal over text and looking through it for distortions. Clear quartz is harder than glass. Test for this by trying to make a scratch with it on a small hand mirror.


Amethyst is often the go-to crystal for the crown chakra because of its beautiful violet coloring. Meraki Organics says that this stone enhances the crown chakra. This could be because the crystal itself is connected to the element of air, which is particularly good at inviting in an aura of positivity. Or, it could be that purple is associated with peace and tranquility when it comes to the symbolism of colors (via

Whatever reason you find yourself drawn to amethyst for your crown chakra, you want to be sure that you're getting the right crystal because, surprisingly, this is another one that is easy to fake. Tiny Rituals points out some of the ways you can spot an authentic crystal. For one, it should have varying tones throughout; a flawless, solid purple color is an indicator that the piece is fake. Of course, the best thing to do is purchase crystals from a reputable store, so you won't have to worry as much. Most fake crystals come from online-only sellers, but Minerals Geek has some further tips on avoiding getting duped.


If you've ever been inside a rock shop or metaphysical store, you likely know that selenite comes in all shapes and sizes. It's found as bowls, knives, chakra charging plates, hearts, towers, sticks, and more. There are reasons for this — selenite is an excellent crystal to use for charging other crystals and for cleansing negativity from yourself, according to Healthline. Selenite knives, which are not for physical cutting, can be used to "skim" negative energy from your body. Selenite is also considered a protective stone.

This stone is connected to psychic abilities and positive thinking, which is why Charms of Light says it's an excellent choice for opening the crown chakra. Selenite comes in colors other than white, such as orange and green, making it an even more versatile crystal that can be used for other chakras as well (orange for the sacral chakra and green for the heart chakra).


Moonstones are beautiful white stones, sometimes with flecks of black in them, like the one pictured above. In addition, there are rainbow moonstones that, in the right light, look as if they have a rainbow projected onto them. This stone has many wonderful properties, mainly a representation of femininity due to its connection to the moon. In addition to it being white in color, when you think of the moon, you think of looking up to the skies, which sit right above your crown chakra!

Pick moonstone as your crown chakra stone if you want to enhance your own personal connection to the moon. Sage Crystals says moonstone stimulates the right side of the brain, which can help with balancing emotions. This is also the side of the brain associated with imagination and creativity, according to Healthline. Moonstone is also beneficial for those who wish to become more intuitive.


This simple purple stone that looks like something you might be able to find in the driveway is excellent for multiple chakras, and the crown isn't even the most popular one. However, it is the violet hue of lepidolite that makes it great for working with the crown chakra. According to Tiny Rituals, it's also good for the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. In addition, it's very nurturing and soothing.

A very harmonizing stone, lepidolite is perfect for cleansing and balancing your chakras. It is a holistic stone that works with mind, body, and soul. And it's a triple threat to imbalance. Use this crystal for meditation when you want to remove any emotional blocks to open your heart. It assists in both grounding and reaching for the stars. When working strictly with the crown chakra, lepidolite will help you deeply connect to the divine while increasing your inner wisdom.