Yvonne Glasgow

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Union City, MI
University Of Metaphysical Sciences
Health & Wellness, Spirituality, Astrology
  • Before editing at Glam, Yvonne was a writer and editor for House Digest with a drive for grabbing any article pertaining to crystals, the zodiac, and chakras.
  • Yvonne has been writing professionally since 2000 and editing since 2003. She got her start in print, but her favorite writing and editing gigs always revolved around health & wellness, spirituality, relationship advice, and anything strange and unusual.
  • Yvonne is a beauty school dropout, a former runway/fashion model (with a degree from John Robert Powers), and a former Avon lady.


Yvonne got her start in health & wellness writing as an expert in both LOA and Meditation for Problem Solved Daily. She followed that up by working as a beauty beat writer for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. With a passion for helping others with dating, relationship, and marriage/divorce advice, she played the role of writer, editor, ebook author, and advice column answerer for Lovelogica. A veritable Jane-of-all-trades, Yvonne has written about nearly every topic under the sun at least once.


Yvonne has both a Ph.D. in holistic life coaching and a D. Div. in Spiritual Counseling, which she earned to help back up her writing in the field of health & wellness. Yvonne is an eternal learner and is also working toward a few extra certifications through her alma mater.
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