30 Pieces Of Artwork That Are Perfect For Your Entryway

Often overlooked, the entryway is one of the best places to make a splash with decor and give a solid first impression of your design style. In many houses, the entryway is just a place to kick off dirty shoes instead of a place that sets the mood for the rest of your home. If you find yourself past the daunting task of keeping your entryway clean and organized, it's time to add a little style. In addition to adding a few pieces of key furniture like unique light fixtures, rugs, and console tables, wall art is a must for designing a welcoming, cohesive entryway. As Realtor.com notes, entryways are typically narrow, so you need to make good use of wall space. 

But because this is often the first piece of art people will see when they enter your home, it can be a daunting purchase. Between wall sculptures, prints, photographs, and mixed media pieces, how do you find the right piece for welcoming people into your home? We've collected 30 pieces of artwork that make a fantastic first impression that can fit any design style, even yours! 

1. Abstract family portrait

Having a meaningful family portrait doesn't always mean having to round up the kids for a big photo. A minimalist line portrait is just as meaningful and beautiful, and you won't have to worry about getting everyone to smile at the same time. 

2. Window panes for frames

Have a set of prints or even thank you cards you'd love to display? Use an old set of window panes as frames to make a huge statement and show off stunning stationery as art in your entryway. 

3. Victorian style gallery wall

If you dig more of a moody, borderline macabre aesthetic, consider making a Victorian style gallery wall with vintage ornate frames, a combination of paintings, prints, and family photos. 

4. Create a curio collage

Are you a lover of old maps, vintage ads, and visual potpourri? Consider creating a collage of a few of your favorite things. This is perfect for the eclectic, light academia stylist.

5. Black and white abstract prints

Generally find yourself drawn to black and white prints, but want something more interesting than polka dots or horizontal stripes? Opt for geometric shapes with white matting and black frames, like the ones seen here. 

6. Abstract, tasteful nude

Many artists are exploring more abstract, unconventional nude portraits of women that offer a less sexualized, male gaze. They feature stunning sensuality that is sure to steal glances. 

7. Black and white family portrait wall

After you've had an amazing photo shoot, it can feel impossible to choose just one to have framed. And why should you? Instead, have them all edited to black and white and then framed identically. This will create a tasteful but homey and loving entryway piece.

8. Perfectly pastural

Go to thrift stores to look at a variety of pastural landscapes at great prices. They'll often have more muted colors than modern prints, and it's a huge bonus if they have their original frame as well. 

9. Greyscale cliffside

Do you dream of seaside cliffs off the coast of St. Ives? Opt for a muted seascape that will work with any seasonal decor. 

10. Snag prints from vintage ads

Make your hobbies the forefront of your entryway design. Whether you're passionate about retro cars, makeup, or anything else, try to find vintage ads, then have them matted and framed for a chic throwback entryway. 

11. Impressionistic macro florals

Flower power can be done very tastefully, especially with a macro shot in impressionist styling. With as many flowers as there are in the world, there are loads of prints in your preferred color palette. 

12. Find a map of your hometown

Show off your hometown pride or give love to the city you live in with a vintage map or print — black and white or sepia-toned, these are tasteful and works of art in their own right. 

13. Fond of fronds

For the junior botanist, look for prints of monstera and banana leaf fronds. They're tropical and soothing and will help your plant collection really pop. 

14. Rich, textured abstract

Find yourself drawn less to figure paintings and florals? No problem. Choose richly toned abstracts that will add warmth and texture to your entryway. 

15. Minimalist movie posters

Geek chic is in, friends! Don't leave your fandom to the Reddit pages — a ton of Etsy sellers design minimalist movie posters of all the classics that could just as easily be on the wall of an art gallery as a movie theater. 

16. Create contrast with frames

While the artwork itself is important, don't forget what an impact frames can make. Use black and white frames for additional contrast and visual interest in the entryway. 

17. Go for grandeur

Do as the Dutch did and go for a large-scale still life. Whether it's of flowers, books, or fruit, a big still life is impressive and classic. Great for those who want a touch of antique glamour. 

18. Abstract mod portraits

Dramatic, moody portraits give an edge to your interior decor. Especially in punchy, unexpected shades of blue and orange, like the ones seen here, you can have a fresh take on the classic bust portrait. 

19. Oversized seascape

Few things are as soothing and sublime as watching waves crash against rocks on the shore. Find a painting or print in muted gray and blue colors for a coastal but sophisticated aesthetic. 

20. Go freeform with clipboard clamps

You may not always be looking for a large piece of art, and that's okay! If you're eclectic with a love of paper goods, show them off affordably with the help of clipboard clamps. Playbills, magazine features, and ads are all handsome additions to the entryway. 

21. Pressed flower glass hangings

Sometimes the most stunning art comes straight from nature. Dried pressed flowers and grasses in hanging glass window frames are perfect for any lover of nature. 

22. Create a scene in abstract

Your prints don't need to belong to a set to create a memorable entryway. Choose two prints of the same dimension and get matching frames for a cohesive but unique pairing, like the flamingo and ocean waves seen here. 

23. Coastal and quilted

Textile art is very on trend, even though it was previously thought of as a bit outdated. A quilted still life can give the entryway color and warmth — perfect for lake or beach houses, or mountain cabins. 

24. Patina abstract sculpture

Think outside of the box when choosing artwork — many wall-mounted sculptures can add texture, color, and new materials to the entryway. You can choose sculptures made from clay, shiny metal, or a more rustic finish, like the wall art seen here. 

25. Sumptuous modern portraits

Combining vibrant watercolor techniques with a 1940s vintage magazine aesthetic creates lush portraits that are both exciting and soothing. Perfect for a boho chic apartment entryway. 

26. Go Rothko-esque

In the style of the famed Mark Rothko, you can consider a color swatch abstract art piece. Either create your own with a canvas, paint, and tape, or order from a shop. This is a great way to integrate color seamlessly. 

27. For nature lovers

Sometimes science is also art. Look to old encyclopedia pages for inspiration when decorating your home, as there are visual collections of flora, fauna, and all matter of natural living things that make for stunning displays. 

28. Modern coastline

Coastlines can sometimes feel a bit cheesy, or like hotel art. But in muted pastel shades of pink and blue, impressionistic, blurred strokes, this coastline landscape is anything but. Ideal for modern beach houses or breezy, light-filled homes. 

29. Set of hangings

Good art doesn't need to be anything fancy. Wall hangings, like these ones from Ikea, are ultra-affordable, but feel refined and unique. 

30. Custom watercolor house print

Welcome people into your home with a commemorative painting of it! Home is where the heart is, so it's nice to have it preserved in watercolor. Many artists on Etsy offer custom house paintings — these look great in any entryway and make for an amazing housewarming gift.