Expert Tips For Making Sure Your Duvet Stays In Place

Duvet covers are a stylish and convenient option to add to your bedding. They make changing the design of your bedroom easier because you can change the style of the cover while keeping the same insert. According to Crane and Canopy, laundry is easier with this bedding because you can throw just the cover in the wash instead of the bulky comforter or insert inside. However, many people have the same problem while using a cover; the duvet insert won't stay in place.

There are a couple of solutions to stop your insert from moving around inside the duvet cover. First, you should ensure that you use the correct size duvet cover for the insert. The reason your bedding is balling up could also be that they aren't facing the same direction. To prevent movement, many duvet covers come with ties sewn into each corner to hold the insert in place, but not all of them. If your duvet cover doesn't have them, you can make your own ties or purchase clips.

Sew your own ties

Adding ties to the inside of your cover is the best way to keep a duvet in place. You don't need to be an expert seamstress for this DIY since your work won't show when the cover is right-side-out. To do this project, you will need a spare piece of ribbon, fabric, or twine, along with a needle and thread. Delineate Your Dwelling recommends using a 4-inch piece of your choice of material to create the ties.

First, you will need to turn your duvet cover inside out. Then cut about a 10-inch piece of thread and fold it in half before putting it on your needle so it is extra strong. Find the center of your ribbon and sew it to the corner of your duvet cover. To finish sewing, tie off your thread and trim the excess. Some duvets come with loops at the corners for you to tie your ribbon. If your duvet doesn't have them, use the same material to create handles on your insert. You can do this by sewing the ends of the ribbon to the top and bottom of the duvet's corner.

Purchase duvet clips

Duvet clips are an alternative when there aren't any ties inside the cover. Although, you can use them in conjunction with the tie method. According to The Sleep Judge, they can be placed in the cover's corners or added along the sides. These extra clips can make a difference with bulky inserts that refuse to stay in place. Different types of clips work best with each type of insert.

If your insert is thick and bulky, you will benefit from using a metal duvet clip with rubber grips. These clips can keep everything in place no matter how rough you pull your covers up in your sleep, but they will also feel noticeable if your feet reach the end of your duvet. You can go for a duvet grip or pin if you don't need such heavy-duty clips. The grips work by snapping together with your sheets between them, while the pin has a need that goes through the fabric and twists into the other end. The pins will keep everything in place but can damage any delicate material. Meanwhile, the grips are great if you want a solution you can't see.