Target Or Ikea: Which Has Better Deals On Bedding?

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Back in the late 1800s, a savvy Philadelphia retailer named John Wanamaker introduced some creative retail marketing ideas to generate sales around certain merchandise, per blogger Jennifer Adams. In those days, most sheets and towels only came in white, which led to Wanamaker starting "White Sales" for bedding in January.

These days, retailers have seasonal sales and special sale events several times a year depending on their sales revenues and inventories, according to Retail Dogma. Thankfully, we now have plenty of colors, patterns, materials, and size choices when it comes to towels, sheets, and blankets. Plus, you no longer have to wait until January to get some great buys. In this article, we're going to look at the bedding purchases from Target and IKEA. One thing to note is that IKEA mattresses are a slightly different size than standard U.S. mattresses, per Each Night, which means their fitted sheets may not fit your standard U.S. mattress. Let's take a look at the deals from these two retailers and see how they compare.

Lightweight comforters

Both Target and IKEA generate buzz around their budget-friendly prices all year round, writes The Kitchn, but how do their bedding deals compare? A look at their most affordable, lightweight comforters is a good place to start. IKEA's MYSKGRÄS is just $7.99 for the twin comforter and $2 more for the full/queen size. It's only available in white and in these two sizes. Target's Room Essentials comforter is $20 for the twin/xl twin size, $30 for the full/queen size, and $35 for the king. It also happens to come in 10 colors. 

Both comforters have 100% polyester fill, but the different fabrics and stitching have different properties. IKEA's comforter is wrapped in polypropylene, which is water repellent and retains heat better than polyester, per Quality Logo Products. Target's comforter is 1% spandex and 99% polyester, which is moisture-wicking but more absorbent than polyester. The IKEA comforter has baffle stitching, which helps keep the fill in place during use and washing, while the Target comforter appears to have tufted stitching across the top of one side. While the comforters for both brands are machine washable, the IKEA comforter has to be line dried. If this isn't a concern for you, then the IKEA MYSKGRÄS is a great deal!

Bed sheets

When it comes to choosing sheets that are soft and comfortable, consider more than just the thread count, which represents the number of threads per square inch of fabric, explains AmeriSleep. For soft, high-quality sheets, look for single-ply fabrics with a thread count ranging from 300 to 500. With that in mind, let's compare prices for those options at Target and IKEA. 

Target has over 10 different brands offering sheets with a 300 thread count in both percale and sateen with multiple colors and pattern choices. Their twin sheet sets start at $27.99 for the ColorSense 300 Thread Count Wrinkle Resistant set made of 100% cotton with a sateen finish, available in six colors. On the other end of the spectrum, the Bedgear Hyper-Cotton sheet set, a 60/40 cotton and rayon blend with a sateen finish in three colors, retails at Target for $149.99. 

Ikea offers two sheets with thread counts over 300. The NATTJASMIN sheet set is a cotton/lyocell blend available in four colors, has a thread count of 310, and is priced at $37.99 for the twin size. The RÖNNVECKMAL twin set is a 100% cotton sheet with a 343 thread count, sold for $39.99. It is available in white only. When it comes down to your choice, it's really about what will feel best to you.